RSI Announcement: Live and Post-Live Thread


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Yes they use Cryengine 3

And another one:
  • Wing Commander style single player mode, playable OFFLINE if you want

    Playable offline or online, co-op with friends, you sign up for a tour of duty with the UEE fleet, manning the front lines, protecting settlements from Vanduul warbands.
  • Life during wartime

    If you distinguish yourself in combat, you might be invited to join the legendary 42nd Squadron. Much like the French Foreign Legion of old, they can always be found in the toughest areas of operation and always snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, regardless of the odds.
  • The conflict never ends

    Upon completion of your tour you’ll re-enter the persistent Star Citizen universe with some credits in your pocket and Citizenship to help you make your way. But in the universe of Star Citizen when one conflict ends, another is just around the corner. You’ll have opportunity to spend more time with your squadron mates as additional Campaigns are released as part of the content update plan.
So you can buy the game, finish the campaign and wait for addon if you don't like the mmo-part ;)


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I'm hoping our man inside - LOAF, might be along at some point to help answer some questions.

I have cash waiting to be spent, but want more details on the packages and the RSI forums are down.


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Hm. This looks very ambitious. Too ambitious maybe. It seems like the kind of thing I'd love to design and program, but wouldn't really want to play. The whole idea of an MMO seems cool, but it's just not something I actually enjoy or have time for. Nor do I really like the open-world style of Privateer. I just want to fly missions and experience a good story with good characters. I didn't even really care about the branching mission structure in the original Wing Commander, as cool as it was in concept. I know a lot of people do like these things, though, so that's all probably exciting for them. Some things he mentioned just never seem to work out, though. For example, has any game ever made it fun to man a turret unless the sequence was specifically tailored to be playable and fun? It's good that it seems there is a standalone single player aspect to it, and if it's really well done, at the level of quality of the Wing Commander games, it could really be something I am interested in. I might even actually get a new computer for it, something I have not done in a long, long time.

Anyway, the level of detail was amazing, but I wonder if it is really worth it. A lot of that stuff creates an immersive experience once, but it's stuff you also stop noticing later or just skip over (like climbing into your fighter). Especially in an MMO-type game, getting places and doing things quickly tends to be more important than the immersiveness of the experience. I remember complaints about this from the Old Republic MMO. Maybe it can work in this different kind of game, though. Even if it turns out not to matter much, you have to appreciate that kind of attention to detail; at the very least, it gives you an idea of the care going into the game, and that's always a good feeling to have when you're playing.

It seems that this is not a Wing Commander game or set in the Wing Commander universe, and I think that's a good thing. I would have been really interested in a continuation of Wing Commander Prophecy, but obviously that wasn't something that was going to happen for several reasons. I also would have liked a new story that takes place after the original games and more or less ignores Prophecy. But a remake seemed like the more likely thing, and I'm really not interested in that. So a new universe with different locations, people, events, and tech, a kind of blank slate, offers some very interesting possibilities. Though for people interested in an MMO, being able to play around in the Wing Commander universe would be fun too.

Also, it was nice to hear him optimistic about the PC platform and the space sim genre.

By the way, I had never heard Chris Roberts' voice before (except for his quick cameo in Wing Commander IV), and it sounded to me like he has a bit of an English or Australian accent. But the Internet tells me he is American and was born in California. Was I hearing things?


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I'm hoping our man inside - LOAF, might be along at some point to help answer some questions.

I have cash waiting to be spent, but want more details on the packages and the RSI forums are down.

Currently, LOAF, Chris and ace are down in Austin. I'm sure when they have a moment to check back in they'll have some good behind-the-scenes details.


Well, it certainly looks pretty. Probably means I'll need a new computer. Beyond that...

-Obviously it's heavily visually inspired by Wing Commander. Friendlies look like Terrans, enemies look like Kilrathi, the fighter cockpit looks like a 2667 vintage Rapier II. Which, given some of the things that various members of the CIC said they'd been doing for RSI, probably shouldn't come as a surprise.
-The game sounds like it'd be an MMO only in the sense that Star Trek Online is an MMO - that is, the multiplayer elements intrude precisely as far as you want them to and no further. I have no problem with that, and in fact with the CIC crowd around to do co-op stuff with I might actually make use of the multiplayer this time, unlike in STO (wherein I've played through the entire campaign without ever interacting with another player).
-PC-only makes it much more likely that we won't have to put up with evil Freelancer-style mouse controls.
-I'm a bit worried about the speed everything was happening at in the trailer, which is to say it was all a bit slow. That was the most dilatory scramble I've ever seen in a Roberts game. The best thing about Starlancer was the frantic pace of the combat, I hope Star Citizen isn't going to lose that.


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As many similarities as there are, I wonder if perhaps the 'Star Citizen' label is temporary, due to not having purchased back the rights to the Wing Commander name. Once the project comes far enough along, hypothetically it would be worth purchasing the rights back, then lo and behold, a Wing Commander redux/prequel.


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It could also be a fall back plan.
If crowd sourcing is unsuccessful, with enough of the game done, he might be able to go back to EA.

Hopefully that doesn't happen and all that.
Maybe buying back the IP is the secret 6th level of investment.


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By the way, I had never heard Chris Roberts' voice before (except for his quick cameo in Wing Commander IV), and it sounded to me like he has a bit of an English or Australian accent. But the Internet tells me he is American and was born in California. Was I hearing things?

Chris grew up in Manchester, England and lived there until he moved back to the states in his late teens. He has still got a bit of that northern english twang there, which is funny cos he still sounds pretty much the same as he did in the wing4 video.


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We're talking about EA right? The company that liked to purchase others just to get at their "IP" in the first place? The company that then was partially responsible for said studios collapse? Part with an IP? Even if it isn't doing anything for them, denying another entity profits just to be obstinate sounds just up their alley even though they've been good about allowing mods and the release of the high-res videos. I could see them leasing the rights to the Wing Commander universe for the game though. That way they could capitalize on the franchise on their own if Roberts' venture is successful. I just don't see the need in incorporating Wing commander logos and themes in the game. It was cool to see them in the trailer but those names and icons might be trademarked. Best to side step that entirely. It looks good enough in it's own right without the repurposing of popular WC assets.


Anybody else think it would be awesome to have a full carrier (able to carry several squadrons) with all of the pilots being PCs, interacting and 'living' on the ship as well as flying missions together. Something more than just the same old single player missions with a few other players co-oping for a mission here and there. Maybe a private server with several admins acting as Captain or CAG (ie DMs), creating missions (or potentially other events) that fit with the universe and with each other that players could choice to join in on.


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A carrier full of the WC CIC bunch would be really nice. I don't think it would be too much to ask if we had the Tiger's Claw.


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I wanna play the guy with his hands behind his back who stares out a giant window whenever a battle breaks out and says 'god help us all'


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Well the game will be moddable and you'll be able to set up your own server. You can also have 'friends' in the main persistent game, so I guess there is nothing stopping the CIC from having their own carrier, crewed exclusively by us :)


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-The logo is clearly the Terran Confederation, but he said "imperial fleet". That would suggest an empire? At first glance it seems like the "Federation" of the Starship Troopers universe.
I haven't even the chance to see the trailer or announcement yet. But I'm guessing some logos and such may just be 'place-holders'. I think, from what I recall of the in-universe fiction (Time Capsules), that the UEE is supposed to be the Earth/Terran empire. The head is titled an Imperator, which can be translated as Emperor, as I understand it (though, I could be wrong - I'm no student of history).