RSI Announcement: Live and Post-Live Thread

The TCVB abbreviation on the battlecarrier's hull--"Terran Confederation Vessel/Battlecruiser"?

Apparently gameplay will be in two parts--first a Wing Commander style story campaign, then the universe is thrown wide open, rather like in Freelancer. I also like that apparently the universe is going to be dynamic instead of the never-changing Freelancer universe.
I am reminded of the "massively single player" concept used in Spore, whereby the universe updates based on other players' creations and actions, yet you are not actually required to interact with other players or team up with them if you don't want to.
Very similar to the concepts we came up with for WC: Universe way back in the beginning, but it'll actually be pulled off by someone who has the experience and knowledge to make it happen. I am ridiculously excited by this game. Privateer style gameplay with a military sign-up component and single player style campaign missions. Multiplayer including launchable fighters from player flyable capital ships able to be manned by teams.
What Spartan689 said. When I saw that text as the cinematic started, I was only thinking YES! It turned out like I had hoped it would be and more. Chris is using elements from WC and Privateer under a different label, Star Citizen, and you have career choices that branch out in a mission tree style, or the open-ended explorer/merchant style of Privateer in the same game.

I have ALWAYS wanted that in a space game. In Privateer, I would have the thought in the recess of my mind...why can I not sign up and be a part of the military faction? I had accepted it because the game was designed to be mostly a sandbox environment, and having a set structure in place was what Wing Commander, a separate game was for. Now, we can have our cake, and eat it, too!

It really does look great already, and it seems like there's gonna be a lot one can do with the ship's interface, carrier, etc. I mean, even something so simple as exploring the whole carrier is gonna be a high for me!
Why couldn't the audience members ask some REAL IMPORTANT questions? I knew we'd hear is "end-game this or The Old Republic that and MMOs/MMORPG/MMOGs/bloody etc"... >_<

-Who was the enemy in that trailer?! Are they Kilrathi inspired or Kilrathi re-imagined?
-The logo is clearly the Terran Confederation, but he said "imperial fleet". That would suggest an empire? At first glance it seems like the "Federation" of the Starship Troopers universe.
-Will the player get to be this enemy (race) or are they restricted to humans?
-Using his own comparison to EVE, will we be able to form our own factions in the same way as EVE? Will we be able to leave our ships like EVE
It sounds like all the things I liked about Wing Commander, Starlancer, Freelancer, and the X series all rolled into one with a little mmo sauce on top, a la EVE Online.

Did you see the slide that said mods + private servers? :)
If this game lives up to the hype, then it is going to be the most awesome thing since the original Wing Commander.
Hmm, what an opening to the clip! A 'Bengal' in the 'Kurasawa' system...'s not all too dissimilar to OUR Bengal.
I'm hoping the game is left deliberately easy to mod, so changing the various names he doesn't have the IP for, will be easy. Because let's face it, that is The Tiger's Claw
I wonder if it's going to support the Oculus. Given that the hd8000 and gtx700 series or their successors ought to be out by final release time and the Oculus has a 640x800 resolution per eye as of now it shouldn't draw too many resources. Add in some of the finger detection that's been worked on with the kinect (for those floating menus) and a x-52 or similar joystick and you'd have a sweet time. I don't see this happening but a guy can wish, no?
Curious if somebody was recording the stream. I was only able to catch the first half hour of the announcement (and it didn't help that they started it late). I know Aginor was having sound trouble, so I know I'm not the only one who's curious about this.
If you go back to the announcement site, you can play the whole thing again.

What I'd like is for the pledge options to have much more detail.
What are the differences in these colours of citizen cards?
How much of a difference is there between the different ships?
How much is 1000cr worth?
If I were to buy one pledge, but later in the month I decided I can afford more, can I just pay the difference?

At the moment, I'm unwilling to part wish my cash until some or all of those questions are answered.
So... I'd been saying before that from what Chris Roberts had said in the interview, it's clear that it's not an MMO. Boy, I guess the price of extrapolating from a couple of sentences is that when you're wrong, you're really wrong :). Sounds like it is an MMO, with single player gameplay as side-dressing.
Is it just me or at the end of the intro video you see the cry-engine logo at 5:04-5:05? If that's the case then modding could be so much easier.