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I didn't even consider the jump drive until I upgraded ships. To many nightmares of running away with a splinters worth of hull left on my tarsus. Then I thought 'okay time to merc it up.' A few distress calls and a lot of loot (ignored the contraband since I didn't want to take the risk) later, I'm buying a cargo hauler and making my money answering distress calls and picking up the left over gear (not picky who drops it). Some times you get ripped apart, but all it takes is that one rare cargo drop and you're back in the black. I couldn't tell you how many hours I've played, but I've done I think 4 maybe 5 main missions, and I'm currently side tracked on that little thing you can buy a jump from the starter system. I also blame custom music station as i'm rgo to catch up on podcasts I've had back logged to listen to :cool: