Quit Jerking Up the Voting Thread

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Bandit LOAF said:
If someone doesn't have a CIC account, they aren't worth thinking about. They're not Wing Commander fans.


Do you mean this?

From 1993 (when I discovered Privateer) to 1998 odd, I did not have an internet connection, did not know about the online community, and did not understand how the internet really worked. However during that time I obtained copies of Privateer, Priv 2, KS, Prophecy and Secret Ops. Downloading Secret Ops was the reason I got an internet connection. Since I didn't have a connection, I obviously didn't have a CIC account. Does this mean I was not a Wing Commander fan?

Next, I didn't register a CIC account until a few years later. Firstly, general shyness and unfamiliarity with how forums, chatrooms and the internet actually worked; secondly and more importantly, because any question I had to ask had already been asked in prior posts, and I would just use the search function to find my answer (see, I followed your forum requirements not to post on a previous subject). I never felt the need for idle chat (like the off topic section), usually because I didn't have the time on a 56k modem, so I never felt the need to register just to join in.

However, I discovered in the CIC a great source of background knowledge pertaining to the WC universe and the various games (I even discovered Armada - a game I had never heard of, and finally tracked down an ebay copy of only 6 odd months ago). I eagerly downloaded the KS addons, video files, audio files, reading and reference material so I could know more about WC - all this before I registered.

I registered only because I found something eventually to which I could contribute more than comments: the Privateer Remake project, because I could put together a usable instruction manual on how to play PR with its controls (in its then form), plus include background information on the game (for which I hope I included the correct reference accreditation). In other words, I registered only when I could usefully contribute something to the WC universe.

So I felt a little offended that you regard me as not a true Wing Commander fan from 1993 to roughly 2002, all because I hadn't registered with the CIC. So I ask, did you mean that comment?
I view anyone who chooses to spend their time complaining about the Chat Zone at the Vega Strike boards or at HLP or wherever the kids today think raging against the machine is cool rather than trying to talk about Wing Commander with some of the greatest people in the world here as below my contempt, yes.

Also, if you register six accounts from the same computer and use them to vote for whatever MKruer tells you to vote-flood... and you've never in the logs available to us visited the front page of the CIC, then yes, you are not a Wing Commander fan.

If you're going to twist that into some rant about how I must hate you because you didn't visit the CIC before it even existed, then more power to you. If that's the case, you'd probably fit in well with the Vega Strike weirdos. I have no problem with you unless you've decided to make one. This thread certainly has nothing to do with you.
Thank you for your answer.

I have not complained in either Chat Zone, VS forums, HLP nor anywhere else. Nor have I sought to register multiple accounts (to be honest, I was of the belief that I couldn't anyway under your registration system). I also regularly visit the front page, and CZ - usually every weekday.

Lastly, if you viewed my post as a rant, my apologies to you. I read your statement and only sought clarification of my interpretation of it.

One hopes no other visitor would read that statement and feel similarly excluded.
You see, that's exactly what separates us from the jerks. If we make a mistake, we admit it and settle it...not snowball the problem like little children. Kudos Silverain...your courage is exemplary and worthy of the finest in the Terran Confederation!
Silverain said:
One hopes no other visitor would read that statement and feel similarly excluded.

I think that that exclusion is made only when people quantify it themselves. That is - if you're going to be a jerk, you're going to be treated like a jerk.

It's amazing the amount of drama that can build up in a online forum. I guess I always saw it as "discussion" boards and not "gripe" boards. I'd like to think anyone intelligent enough to work the internet, sign up for a account, and read the words in a post, is intelligent enough to make rational conversation. Not everyone will agree, but at least it can be done in an adult way.

The moment you carry yourself to a position above those others who are visiting the forum, then you have lost the respect and spirit from which the forums were first created. The process would be a lot simplier if everyone took the idea to create community, not divide it.

But perhaps that is utopian in its nature.

I guess the stereotypical adult type was always right-- if you're not part of the sollution, you're part of the problem.
The problem is that the Internet culture today is becoming flooded with children and adolecents who did not pay for their computer, nor the internet service they are using. Among this demographic, some do not feel the need to show any respect about this privilege at all, seeing how they're not paying for it.

On the other side, some who have shelled out money for their computer and internet service feel that, just because they have paid money, they can do whatever they like on the Internet.

Both these groups of people require some kind of hierarchy over them to keep them in line in communities such as this. We can no longer treat the Internet as an ungoverned self-controlling entity like we could in 1995.
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