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I guess an Eva would be a bit much; although an Easter Egg like suggested would be nice; If you go WAYY off course...

Col. Bob

What do you have planned in the way of Capital Ships? Perhaps replace the Stellar Acceleration Device with Bodolza's Ship from DYRL.

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
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My name is Star Dragon and I am mainly from the Freespace2 community, but have loved all sorts of anime and sci-fi so any mod that combine both gets my support!

For now I am doing a mod all by myself that for now have plnas to release cause I have to get in contact with one of the homeworld teams (there were two mods done, a team emember from one sent me some and I sent him our FS2 ones many months ago so I am very sorry to forget which one it was).. So I would like you to please relay a message to your modlers that I would like permission to use their models in a future public release. I would offer you anyting I currently have that you do not (if you are interested that is)...

I am a huge macross/robotech fan, and although I completely understand the history of the franchises, I have no problem whatsoever mixing models together for fun. I have made 8 missions from teh original FS2 mod, and got the teams blessing to use their work and name my project Robotech II (REF), so when I am finished makin gmissions to go witht he original mod you can rool right into the next generation 15 years later (you skip the second series, super dimentional calvary Soiuthern Cross).

Plot, you fight INvid, and renegade Zentreadi master's Armies, Liberate friendly systems, plus other wierdness...

Combine this with my uber project "All-Mod" combining everymod ever made and it gets wierder, like a staship version of sliders...

PLOT: The SDF-3 is ready to jump to Earth to finish reclaiming Earth from the Invid, in the middle of the fold something goes horribly wrong. They are literally thrown through a dimentional instability tear and end up in Jupiter's orbit as planned, BUT IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE! (the next 3 years is spent befriending a wor torn pre-battletech Earth, and getting support form them to help them figure a way home and build the things needed.) A treaty is signed, Earth becomes 90% peaceful and a new alliance is formed "The Inter-Dimentional Alliance" IDA, Combining both the forces of the REF and this Alternate Earth...

3 years Later Dr Lang successfully completes his "Quantom Fold Drive" which should enable the weary REF forces to return home, eventually. He means eventually becuase although he can force a hole into another dimention, he has no idea where it will lead until they get there (he can gaurantee only two things, First they will never repeat the sam4 universe twice unless desired, and TWO once in the new universe he can do a scan for the Quantom Signiture of that universe to see if it matches the one carried within thier matter (as matter from every universe resonates at a unique Quantom frequency that is measurable)...

The IDA constructs ne ships to both Escort the SDF-3 home safely and also to do scientific research with the possibility of diplomatic contact with others. In regards to these parameters the IDA sends large number of ships to make up this expidition into the unknown...

Here are some screen links to the various projets I described...
I hope you enjoy!

Oh this didn't work but ti was fun to try! 1/4 sized Death Star! and Borg and 22km shivan ships!

What the next series should be ENTERPRISE-F (Soulwolf Class)!

Got Beams?

My god! It's KHYRON!!! Kill this guy already :)

the HQ of our Fed allies

Oh man! the Shadows have a new ally

SDF-1 defending the Atlantis super space facility

It's target

FS2 Trek DS9 test battle

God I love the Zent beams as they slice into firend and foe alike at extream long ranges!!!! Blue is my second favorite color (RED IS #1)!

GUNDAM!!! My version of White Base! Right now we are using the ZEnt armors to be Zakus (they work!) I need Gundams and zakus and other Fed and Zeon ships made!!! We have asteroid stations and teh light nave points made in game so I can recreate the Naval Review that gets blown to hell in that ojne episode!

You've seen Blackhawk Down? Now it's Whitestar Down!

Imperial Fanatics kick it up a notch with the construction of The Eclipse SSD

A typical Borg invasion task force they send to every universe to begin assimilation

Super Veritech and the Battlestar Galactica caught in the explosive shockwave of the Atlantis super space facility as the Borg destroyed it...

Didn't mean to be a thread hog sorry!

If you would like to get in touch with me I am at HLP (here)

My email is

I wish you the best of luck for your project as I love Wing commander and Macross/Robotech (and if Lars and Tolwyn hurry up hopefully I will findout what role they cast me in for the voice acting!) he he just kidding Lars...!