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PSP launches today in North America. Anyone getting one? There's quite a bit of hype and excitement, but it seems the DS has been significantly more popular around here. Seems the PSP is gonna beat the DS to online games by a good six months though, so I was wondering if anyone will be playing anything that supports infrastructure mode today.

The PSP is pretty powerful, but it still remains to be seen if it'll wish you a happy birthday.
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$250 for the system.. Games are $40-50. A gig memory card is $150. I got a really cool case that'll fit an SP, DS and PSP with a little room left over for UMDs or cartridges.
£250, that'll be about £175, sounds like a good deal.

Are there any plans to be able to link it up with the PS2 like the GameCube and GBA?
No such plans, basically its a very powerfull piece of hardware but with Sonys poor track record of reliability I'm not investing that much in a portable of theirs which is liable to get bumped around a bit until the price drops significantly.

I've got a DS which is a fantastic little machine for innovative titles (and Mario 64 proved its great for 3D, not too happy with Rayman DS's touchscreen controls) but I still think I'll be getting the Gameboy Evolution which is supposed to use Gamecube hardware which implies faster, lower cost, shorter loading times. Ofcourse none of this is proveable but with the PSP at that price I'm content to wait and see before choosing.
I've got a PS2, so I may get a DS, afterall you can play Prophecy on the DS :D (I can play WC III and IV on my PS2 :D)
How is it that the handheld cost more than what I payed for PS2 when it first came out? Thats not cool.
The real question is how do they expect people to wait 20 seconds per load screen when most portable gaming sessions only last 5mins?
My brother preordered one and should be picking it up today, along with a copy of Metal Gear Acid. It's probably a good bet I'll be stopping by his place this evening to "say hello."
I'm waiting a while to see if theres anything that comes out that I "have" to have. The only thing that really interested me was Wipeout Pure which looks and feels so much like the classic XL installment in the series. I'm not a big "racing" type guy but I love the first two WO games, F-Zero and Burnout 3.
I had about 10 minutes with it yesterday, and Acid is pretty good, although very different from the previous games. I had no idea it was turn-based! Plus, there's this strange battle system that uses cards - you have to create a deck prior to the mission, then you play cards from your hand to move, attack, etc. The initial story seemed pretty entertaining, although it's really more of the same Metal Gear-style story: Snake is recalled to action to fight bad guys that threaten the world.

Aside from the the game itself, I am simply blown away by the design of this device. The screen is awesome; not the highest resolution, but it's super clear, and the pixel response time seems pretty good. The controls are also excellent - they have a nice feel to them and excellent response, although the unit, like any of the portable systems, is just a little small for my hands. The PSP is definitely a pretty cool multimedia device too. We tested the MP3 and the video playback with the expansion card, and it's pretty sweet, especially the video.

So now I want one.
I don't think he is. They made it appear that way in MGS2: Son's of Liberty, but he reappeared later in the game.
I'm considering whether or not to invest in a handheld console and I can't really decide, The PSP looks pretty sweet since it can play ps2 games but the DS is made by Nintendo and there is still a lot of loyalty towards the company amongst most of the hardcore gamers overhere not to mention that Nintendo have a knack for making wee silly games that are fun, origianl and addictive!

Me thinks this will be a difficult decision :confused:
I thought MGS was overrated and that MGS2 was a contrieved peice of crap that was a waste of my goddamned good time.

However, I loved MGS3.
Once you get past the immensely stupid "in-jokes", it's easily the strongest in the series. The final battle is probably the best looking one I've ever seen.