Prophecy and Secret Ops in XP (was: WCP video question)

Hi, I'm having a similar shivering problem with high res switched on, however it's not just the vids that do it, but the whole game. I have had this problem with both Prophecy and Secret ops since I upgraded to my Radeon HD 4650 with fully updated drivers. Would the same solution apply to me?

It's worth a try. It could help.

There are also Radeon-specific options you should try tweaking in the graphical control panels if the issue persists.
Me again, I've figured one solution out, to roll back to an older driver. Everythings beautiful again, it's even fixed COD WAW's skipping and looping in the pre mission cutscenes. I hope I haven't killed standoff in the process.

Thanks for your help. :)
Greetings to Everybody!
Not exactly to this topic but it is about WC Prophecy Secret Ops...

Some days ago I was aware to this site. I have the original WC 1-2-3-4-P. Downloaded WC Prophecy DVD movie packs and enchantments, and re-played it. Wow! that was fun with all that graphical enchantment! For now, I would play WC Prophecy Secret ops. But the downloadable "Offline Fiction" documents are inperfect. There are lots of html files that are missing. The readme says I have to download it by myself from -www dot secretops dot com- but that site is no longer exist.
Could somebody help me about this problem? How to get these html files?
Without these I have no story telling....