Prologue Released!

Just finished the prologue (Yeah, I finally got it working! :) ) and I have to agree that the dialogue can be tedious when you're trying to replay a mission, a couple of suggestions would be to either make dialogue skippable, or to add a checkpoint system. Still great mod as long as you can make it through the mission without a hitch.
I don't think that subtiltes can be added to the movies in an easy way...don't know if the new codec would allow it but I guess not. I have to ask some persons about this.
During a mission the entire text is show at the very top of your HUD.
Hi.. I've been hanging around here for quite some time. I registered a few months ago but this is my 1st post.

I just finished playing WCS and i gotta say, it was GREAT! I was introduced to WC Armada by my dad's friend back in '95. I was only 9 at that time, but i was instantly hooked. I never managed to get my hands on a copy on WC1 and WC2, but I did convince my dad to get me WC3 and 4 (the number of times i played these 2 must've reached the hundreds). I never got the chance to try Prophecy as my system couldn't handle it back then and it was forgotten after some time.

Anyway, playing this really does bring back memories, so I'd like to applaud you guys for a great job. The game actually does feel like its professionally made and is part of the Wing Commander universe. In that regard i believe you guys have done a well. The cinematic is top notch. I especially liked the in-cockpit view. Ships and fighter models are stunning as i play it at full specs. My only complaint on the graphics are the asteroids. The first time approaching them, I thought it was a flight of birds or worse, fighters, but I guess that is a limitation of the game engine.

I'm sure minor problems such as the lengthy dialogs can easily be solved. I would like to suggest that these dialogs be inserted between short navpoints where the auto pilot does not need to be executed. Whatever it is, you guys are doing an excellent job and I can't wait for The Darkest Dawn to be released.

It feels great to be back in the cockpit!
I echo those sentiments, an excellent game, able to stand with full retail releases me thinks.
Love the shield effects, they are really superb, and the Laser cannon is back, what a beast, the fire rate on it is fantastic.

couple of minor points that could be worth considering however,

One of my friends had a stab at the simulator missions, when he chasing an enemy down and was getting hit (freqently) he would panic and break off thus, I'd say, "it's okay you know, your shields will hold out for a few shots"
didnt previous WC games flash blue on shield impacts? its been that long I can't remember. Would that be worth reintroducing, that way youd know if you were in life threatening peril or if you could take a few hits and stay to finish an enemy off.

I couldn't seem to find a key for the shelton slide when flying the Arrow, have I missed it somewhere? or is it not implimented?

Once again, many congratulations, you have done extremely well, I look forward to the full release.
Just wanted to state an incredible huge T H A N K Y O U to the staff developping this. This "mod" is absolutely the best freeware thing I ever played and can surely stand diverse payware games.
It's impossible to find the fitting words to thank you for all the incredible effort you guys put in this to keep good ol' Wing Commander alive!

Can't wait for the next part!!! :)
Wow, outstanding performance guys - you did a real great job!

This one rocks the universe. What you do with the FS2 Engine is extraordinary - nice missiondesign, modelling and extremly great voices. This is how I want game to be!

Many publishers should consider to close down, when they see what you've done!

I can hardly wait for the following campaing - looks very promising.

Thank you guys for make a dream become real!
Wow i can only say Wow. very impressive work.
This game gives me back the WC feeling like WC 1-4.

The graphics are outstanding and i love the explosion effects.
I am also love the Music and Sound FX.

Only the difficult levels will be a little bit balanced. The different from e.g. very easy to easy is extrem. Harder difficulty not used.

I am looking foreward for the main release!!!
Keep up the good Work

Greetings from good old Germany ;)

I was blown away by this mod. I was wondering how it would feel next to Standoff, which I love dearly, and realised just what a good job you had done to keep the 'personal' feel of WC and make the game unique at the same time. It's a tremendously sexy game to play!

Unlike some of the others, I had no technical difficulties at all. Therefore any minor things, and they are minor, are gameplay related.

I loved the Autopilot - yes, a nice flyby would be cool, but I think the system you have works well too. One of the characterful querks that makes Saga what it is. I had no real trouble with difficulty either, except for one point;
The destroyer attack in Mission 5 - I had a really hard time killing her and she wasted the Wellington. Eventually I did it by avoiding her guns and entering her fighter bay to blast her from within; am I missing a beat with how to attack her? It took ages to trim her turrets and I always took heavy damage.
The only other thing would be to repeat the sentiment of those wishing for a shortcut key for the dialogue! I had no problem with the length or when it occurs within the missions, but yes, after hearing the resolutions 6 times over I could have screamed!

Overall, wonderful. I will settle down and wait patiently for the rest!

Regards, KvK
First of all, all Terran and Kilrathi warships will be rebalanced for the main release. The reasoning is to focus on fast and intense fights, but on the same time, to not drag the battle on and on.

There will be considerable less HP now on ships, and more shields. The reasoning, it's the shields that are the protection for a ship, not the armor. If the shields go down, the vessel is in big trouble. There's no longer lots of HP to hide behind. If your destroyer's shields go down, the enemy cruiser will hammer you to space dust in just a matter of moments.

In addition, the Terran warships had to be more durable then the Kilrathi (they last longer and have better damage control systems, and are more technologically advanced), so we have to balance it so one on one, a Terran ship can destroy a Kilrathi ship in combat.

Finally, autopilot system is being worked on. We are very confident, that we will be able to implement real autopilot for the main release. It will require a lot of scripting, but our first tests are very promising and the gameplay becomes even more intense.
Good idea. A fighter has not tons of armor ;)) When the shields are depleted the pilot will be take more caution. Any hits more and *BOOOM* ;)

My advice in that mission is to destory all enemy fighters ASAP to make it safer for you. Then you can launch missiles at the Torpedo launcher on the enemy destroyer. Kilrathi light destroyers don't have AMGs so its lasers won't do much damage to the Wellington. Alternatively if u want to save your missiles move in close behind the engines of the destroyer and blast the rear of the ship out. This takes a while but it works. But make sure you do it fast enough before the destroyer gets too close to the Wellington and is able to launch torpedos which it can't block.

The destroyer tends to launch about 2-3 torpedoes at the Wellington firstly and by then is moving off course. Don't worry too much about those torps because the Wellington's turrets should be able to intercept them. But once the destoryer turns in behind the carrier thats when your in trouble so try and have the Kat ship destroyed by then. I've done it before so there is enough time to do either.

Hope that helps...
I've been remiss in not congratulating the team on the excellent prologue and development so far! I was very impressed with the whole package and the amount of hard work and dedication to the games is plain to see.

The recent autopilot and mission flyby sequences add another layer or immersion, while the WC3 demo was also a real treat. I can't wait to play the main campaign!


Wow...just played the prologue...then I palyed it again.
If this is the direction that Wing Commander is heading I am excited.
A big thank you to the Saga Team!


Thank you for continuing such a project. THE great game that made the genre. There is NO other.

I just did a search and found your site, But please, for someone who played the game so long ago, and seing another saga makes me confused.
Why did you use a used name? I II and III were the saga, there was a release that updated all three that was called the saga.

Are you related to that saga? If not, change your name PLZ. I'm getting millions of hits with google, and i'm confused as hell.
You're thinking of "Wing Commander: Kilrathi Saga"... That is the official Wing Commander game which contained re-releases of WC 1, WC 2 and WC3.

"Wing Commander Saga" is a Wing Commander fan made game, and this game is the one that this sub-section of the forums and the address refer to.
I'm the last unregistered who posted. I understand what your saying, and panic is all gone now :D

I had to try it, and i'm amazed at what you guys did. Very good job! Good graphics and mechanics.

BUT, you need some work in some details. The dialogues certainly need work, you people need good actors. No need for Hollywood, thats not what i'm saying, and a good plot.
And one other minor annoyance, maybe i missed a setting (i tried it briefly so far), is the mouse handling. I can't do a flip without constantly moving the mouse back and forth. There should be an option (again, if i missed it..) to see the mouse pointer, and like in WC, when pointing to the edge of the screen (or as you point towards..) to continue turning in that direction.

I don't have a joystick (maybe i'll buy one, but that's not the point :) ) so i use mouse mainly, and this isn't optimal.

I only suggest having the option.

Cheers on a good game!
By the time the game was made the Joystick was a common input device so the mouse support is a not that good. It wasn't intendet to be played with one. There is a hack somewhere that gives a better mouse support but its still in development but since most people (I know) are playing with Joystick, Gamepad like the 360 controller or Keyboard it might take time till a better mouse support comes.

I will definitly buy myself a new own has given up on me a few days ago. Now I have to search again for a good Joystick for lefthanders *sigh*