Privateer Movies


Does anyone know where I could find some of the cutscenes and clips from Privateer I or Privateer I Righteous Fire? I especially wanted the introduction scenes for both games, however I've only managed to find nothin. Thanks a bunch!

They aren't really available beyond going in and recording them yourself, unfortunately.
Bummer..... Well, if anyone has them personally recorded or know someone who does, please let me know. Unfortunately, I do not know how to record these things myself. If someone could help me do it though, I'd appreciate that just as much. Thanks!
hcl has a tool for viewing wc1/2/privateer ships, this tool can also open wc1/2/privateer movies however it hasn't got the privateer palettes needed for movies programmed into it, a c coder with some experience should be able to do it.
The Righteous Fire intro movie is in the Privateer: The Reckoning v4.65 mod for Freelancer.
(Remove the .FLMOD extension, unzip the file, and look for it in the "Movies" folder, it's playable in Media Player.)