Possible suggestion box improvements/ideas


i would more think that there are only the jump bubbles, because it is something from the hud, and no buoys to distract the confeds and militia. The buoy should give informations about the jump. The pirates have all informations for the jump, the rest of the world doesn't have it, or??


In the newest version, released last night, the Delphinus has been replaced by the Hornet.

You can edit the "New_Game" save game, and change Tarsus.begin to Tarsus.stock, and then start a new game.
(I used Wordpad or Notepad to edit it.)



where's the uber list of ships? i'd like to play around with starting with different ships! yay ships!! ships ships ships! :D :D :D
Well if you want to play a normal game use tarsus.beginreal :)

The reason for the ship changes is that I put whatever ship I'm working on in the tarsus.begin slot so the game starts with it loaded...

Ship list? Try these for a kick...



Ok, I have just a few balancing suggestions and mostly some space races related:

Merchants and Hunters are enemy, as are Merchants and Confed. Is this accidentially or wanted?
First, there should be a ranking of the strenght of the different parties, like:

- Retros/Border Worlds/etc.
- Pirates/Merchants/Hunters

Right now, 16 Pirates can destroy the whole "Defence Force" of Perry (inclusive the Bengal Carrier).
And enemy ships should not be exclusively focused on the player, but on the AI ships as well.

Another problem is that, when you have the (somehow better) A.I. of WCU, you can't really combat 17 Talons at once, so the random mission generator should be changed accordingly.


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I have one that may be a bit contreversal. Perhaps add more Capships that can be flyable. I know this sounds strange but it would be kinda cool to command a Destroyers or even a cruiser. Also if you need new ships look at WCATV they have some neat looking stuff. the Cutlass seems to create angry posters It would be a wise desision and make it a Wildcat or Hurricane (You also can take pride that it will be the only Wildcat or Hurri that anyone has ever seen).
EDIT: I guess I have more. Later on I would suggest that you ditch the older art for something more modern. You have a beutiful engine make the cockpits and Bases show it off (A little is good for nostalgia's sake but do not be afraid to go all out with your work, WC Fans look at quality). Also the Kats look strange. You may want to check out some WC3 shots and then remodel them in that image. Also I dont think a system of earning ships it a good idea. The only factor of getting a new ship should be having enough money. Star Wars Galaxies made me have a strong opinoin on that. I also think you should be able to join factions. This could allow people to be a Capship Commander for confed. Another thing I would look at is the Timeline. I do not know if you have BW forces but if it take place during the war it would be best to leave them out. In another post I read that 25 ships are not enough. Read some of the Novels and take some of the ships from there at make those. I'd say in Action Stations alone you'd have 25 more ships. Well I have said alot but it's my critisims and suggestions for the WCU.
BTW: Keep up the good work.
BW stuff is in because pre-WC4, the border worlds are another kind of militia, more independent and more unified is all (from my understanding, at least). Also a lot of people think that WC4 was the best game of the series. Finally, they always make it clear that the ships you fly in WC4 are old (Pliers complaining about keeping stuff in repair, faded paint jobs on the Banshee and Vindicator, etc.).

About the Cutlass... I think it's a beautiful design and if all it takes to leave it in is a name change, sure :) It looks WC1-ish anyway, so saying it's a pre-wc1 heavy fighter that found its way on the open market would be fine. The main reason why I called it Cutlass is that it's basically a heavier counterpart of the Talon, and extensively used by pirates -- that sounds piratical AND keeps with WC2 confed standard of naming fighters after pointy things (About that, do not get me started on the Murphy. I think Mr. Murphy was compensating,...)

About capships: The main problem there is the interface. A Drayman can get away with having a Galaxy style cockpit because it's a big barge with a small habitable area, and a custom capship can be designed to have a fighter style cockpit because you the owner want it so. But piloting anything bigger would require a bridge, persistent animation of other people on board and so on... Currently the biggest thing you can ever fly is a Paradigm, and even that I think is a bit too much.

Art wise, not my department :) tell it to the wonderful people who are doing it! I say we stick with the old art and replace it incrememntally as poeple feel like working on it.


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Well the capship bridge may not need other people on the bridge. Also if you need someone to help out on this I will see what I can do. So I guess I am asking if I can join your team. I am sure I can be helpful when it comes to cockpit art or writting. Hell, gimme a crashcrourse in the Vega Strike engine and I can do some good.


Wing Commander storyline

I would like to see some storylines about something aboue Earth, the Sol systems and the area around the Sol sector. If that chould happen then that will be great.
Someone did a beautiful capship bridge... and about storylines, I AM NOT DOING THEM. My work is only to get to the point where the "everyday" universe functions smoothly. I hope that better storytellers than me will make story arc plugins. The reason for this is purely selfish, I want to play the game and be surprised by it once it's finished! :)