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Who is the WCU project leader; And, who should have the final say on what goes in?

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Or don't delete it :) that's censorship. (I'm supposed to be a moderator here but I've only used the delete option to fix technical blunders, let me see if there is a way to undelete a post....)

edit. no :(
Censorship can be good...

Forlarren said:
At the very freaking least put this post was deleted on (date) and do NOT change the content. If you have something to say, say it in your own name. If you delete a post dont bother replying to it.
But everyone does know what he said, because Dyret quoted him.
spiritplumber said:
Or don't delete it :) that's censorship.
I look upon the censorship of unbearable stupidity to be a kind of luxury service provided for those of us here who are interested in something more substantive than "omg this forum sux," and I appreciate it.
I'm not completly opposed to censorship (spammers, people using foul language, etc...) but the type of censorship used here is of the most discusting kind. If you would like to have discussions without fear please try here. You will not be censored.
Forlarren said:
I'm not completly opposed to censorship (spammers, people using foul language, etc...)
And yet spamming is precisely what you're engaged in right now.
Spamming is OMG THIS FORUM SUX BUY VIAGRA. That gets removed. Everything else is discussion -- stupid discussion or intelligent discussion, either way. I don't touch that. First amendment. If other moderators have a stricter interpretation of it, tell them ^^;
It's certainly admirable not to want to delete posts, even trolling ones -- but as moderator, you *should* consider moving such posts into the 'flame war' thread you created. Creating it was a good idea, now put it to work. That way people will know to ignore them and can concentrate on doing actual work.
I just want whomever deleted/banned/and then changed kilolima post to own up to it. The way it was done was just a discusting abuse of power. At least put your freaking name on your own work. As it was it looked liked Kilolima got baned for telling people to cut the retro crap, and now it looks like Spirit did the banning/editing (untell you read farther into the thread). Its confusing, rude, and an abuse of power to delete, ban, and change the contents of anothers post and to top it all off, do it anonymously. Am I the only one who sees this as very very wrong?
I think it's well within the publically posted rules for an administrator or moderator to edit a post. As the rules also point out, you're welcome to discuss them with us in private -- there's an e-mail address specifically for doing that. If you're serious about wanting the way the chat zone is run to change, this should be your first step instead of continuing to interrupt what was once a productive thread.
Spirit, while I'm all for a more laissez faire approach to moderating (in all the forums I've moderated or administered I've banned one person, for linking to g0at5e), don't try to rely on the First Amendment. I see people invoke the First Amendment all the time on forums, and it's a bit of a pet peeve.

It gaurantees free speech in public places, but it doesn't mean I'm going to let someone into my home to say whatever he wants. On a private forum, one has the rights given to him by the admins. If one is unhappy with said limitations, the standard solution is to go elsewhere.
I know, which is why I'd probably be a little stricter if it was just me moderating. This said, to me the line between spam (remove) and argument (even insults) is defined mostly by how articulate the post is...

Actually, people -- anyone who has to yell at someone else, we have a flame thread for it :) and please be creative with your insults!