Please contact Michelle

Michelle is the person who I think has the patience and people skills to coordinate (not lead -- we don't relaly need a team leader at this stage, I feel...) the WCU effort. Please talk to her to see if you'd be comfortable working with her.

yahoo messenger: zandar21

Yeah, this seems pretty pointless. Why would we want to deal with someone who isn't part of the community and isn't a Wing Commander fan?
I have absolutely no interest in contacting her. She has nothing to do with Wing Commander. She's welcome to post here if she's interested in helping.
Sheesh you guys are a load of grumps. Spirit is only trying to improve WCU development. Couldn't you be a little less cynical?

If Michelle wasn't a WC fan, don't you think she'd be uninterested in this?
charlieg said:
Sheesh you guys are a load of grumps. Spirit is only trying to improve WCU development. Couldn't you be a little less cynical?

Nobody is being cynical. I see very reasonable reactions to an extremely weird situation. Why would a bunch of die-hard Wing Commander fans contract out to some completely unknown non-Wing Commander person to administer their fan project?
Contrary to popular belief, it is not required for a project lead to know a whole heck of a lot about the project details (s)he is leading. Your job is to make sure everyone involved stays on track, stays true to the project scope, and keeps moving, coordinates everything to make sure the resources are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, and remind people that QA is -not- the bad guy.

You have other people who work for you (most notably the section leads) who -are- supposed to be experts in their subject area. That is the whole reason those people are there.

I would even say that when you have a good team, sometimes it is -better- to know less about the details. That way you do not get too involved in any one part (which results in you neglecting other parts), and you let the people do what they are good at- their 'job' (I use the term loosely in this context, since everyone works for free).

Well part of the thing is that Chelle has much better people skills than me ^^;;; and right now she has the physical time to keep track of things since shse's unemployed.
Now, just as the man who wishes to be world chess champion must win at least one game of chess so must you serve at least one edible meal.

All sorts of people can run projects -- but usually being willing to sign up for the discussion board or somehow be involved in the project in the first place is a good baseline requirement. This is a bizarre and pointless situation that's only serving to stifle development.

I'm the best person for the job - not some anonymous e-mail address that we have to contact ourselves. How would that even work?
Bandit LOAF said:
I'm the best person for the job...

Who are you trying to convince? Not that I totally disagree with you. But up to this point I have not seen anybody step up to the plate and start taking swings. This is an FOSS project, and as the cliche goes. Just do it.
Firstly, Spirit was not volunteering a project lead, just a project coordinator. Despite the fact she emphasises this in the original post, amazingly a few of you jump to the 'lead' conclusion.

Oh well. :)

I think the purists (for want of a better word) here are better off in quality control rather than direct project leadership. Too much room for disagreement and conflict. Leadership is about pragmatism, decisiveness, management, and having an open mind. When you have a perfect vision in your mind, as my casual observations of the purists indicate they do, then it can be difficult.

The current leader is not a person, but a concept; meritocracy, since those who do the work (Spirit and thehawk) are deciding the current direction of WCU. Until there are a lot more active, committed staff, it's hard to see it work otherwise, and until there are 10s of developers, there's not too much point appointing a leader because most decisions can be reached by democratic discussion and compromise.

That's my 0.02c, wanted or not. ;)
yeah, i agree LOAF is the man for the job. and yeah, decisivness has to be there as well.

and what direction is a good direction? the one with bad/rushed artwork? the one with ships from other game/series? the one with a tiny smidgeon of reference to WC only in that it provides a convenient place to grab ships so someone doesn't have to go about designing their own? if you mean thats a good direction, well....anyway, you get my drift.
It's just frustrating. I've raised a million legitimate design issues -- I've fully explained wholly legitimate theories on gameplay and how it works and should be developed. The only response I've recieved from the current "team" is snarky comments about how crazy it is that I'd believe a Wing Commander fan project might somehow reference Wing Commander.

Ignoring the fact that this is a wholly disgusting way of thinking (Love Wing Commander? Then we don't want you on this Wing Commander mod!), it is also a compeltely inappropriate one. There has been not one reply to my treatises on gameplay and team building and balancing.

I certainly do love the nuts and bolts of Wing Commander facts. Nothing makes me happier than the fact that a few intelligent people will enjoy my contribution to editing various novels and games long after I am gone. This affects my ability to design a video game not one wit. In ten years of working with the Wing Commander community, I have worked with half a dozen professional design teams. I understand what works and what does not, and I understand how to put together a professional design team. Unless Captain Johnny or one of the other greats were to decide to develop fan made games, I am the best option.

It seems appropriate, then, that I answered Spirit's continued call for someone to replace him. If this was just a cutesy act, let me know and I will step away and return to criticizing your proccess. I will bring the resources of our incredible community and my professional history somewhere else.

The game needs a clear goal and a team that believes in it. Piecemeal development of a massive balanced universe will never work. You do not balance a thousand elements by adding one at a time and hoping the tower will not fall down -- nor do you gain the confidence of an audience this way. This has been the downfall of every CCG in history... by the time the thousandth ship or element is added, the first nine hundred and ninety nine will have grown into an incomprehensible mess.

Nor, do you inspire a team in remotely the manner which has been done to date. The sheer idiocy of setting out to create some sort of 'us versus them' conflict where us is game players ignorant of anything bigger being better and them is people who are familiar with Wing Commander is unbeleivaly naive. This is not how team building works.

And despite all of this, and despite the askings of those in the camp you so unfortunately created for me, I will not play Caeser. If you truly do not want to give up leadership of the project, tell me now. Don't wait for the translation, address the issue directly.
Bandit I have tried again and again to give you the stepping blocks to take controll of this. Instead you whine and exagerate.

Bandit LOAF said:
Ignoring the fact that this is a wholly disgusting way of thinking (Love Wing Commander? Then we don't want you on this Wing Commander mod!), it is also a compeltely inappropriate one. There has been not one reply to my treatises on gameplay and team building and balancing.

This just proves you don't get it. Thats why nobody is supporting you in a leadership role. Your not acting like a leader. Please stop begging for support. Its sad really. If you want to be a leader act like a leader, if not then let stop standing in the way of others. We are not children here. You dont need a consensess of the playground. Do your thing if others want to play your game with you then you will be leader, of not then ohh well.
Sorry LOAF, but I'm not going to back you on this one either. I don't think the things that you've said have been very proper or professional, but rather arrogant and rude. I don't think you're the best person for this lead at all. I'm not saying I am, mind you, mostly because I've got a lot on the go as it is...