Peace with the bugs?

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To state the over stated and obvious: they should remake the first Privateer. Maybe in the WCP engine. Yeah, the WCP engine....
No way, dude!: WC1/2 remake in WCP/UE engine has first dibs!...
ehh while the Vision engine is great and all it wouldn't work for a new game, new stuff has to be flashier then the previous. Force you to go out and buy new hardware like a GeForce FX or something.
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how could the bugs be the ultimate threat in the galaxy when their best stuff you can kill and confed couldn't even scratch the steltek drone that was a couple thousand years old?
on the bugs their bugs. bugs have numbers 10-1 is one thing but 100-1 is another. think hive insects attacking they use numbers (no amount of tech/fire power can stop a large enought number of attackers). think the zulu vs england war.
but if the thousands of bugs can't hurt the one steltek, it don't matter how many bugs you have, all you're gonna end up with is dead bugs and 1 very high scoring steltek ace
The Steltek drone had impenetrable shields. It was only after your weak level 1 Steltek gun was boosted by the Steltek scout, that the drone could be dispatched, since it was against Steltek policy to use their weapons at that time. It would not have mattered what Confed had in their arsenal.