Opinions needed

Years ago that's basically exactly what the Aces club did. They had a variety of story lines although now it seems that Holding the Line has sort of petered out...

I've just never found the time to sit down and get to work on my own.
Yep, I did notice the HTL has been dormant for years after getting so close. Shame.

Would you have the motivation to site down and do something unless you thought it would get wide exposure here?
i used to be known Avenging Angel to alot here. including LOAF. he can tell i had few project that petered out after wc took a dive. but they never took off we kept losing peeps. so this will my attempt by myself. i plan to go at my speed no faster.
What we need is an officially (within WCCIC) supported fanfic project. With the right support from the community and a small team to work on it, something could happen.

Would you have the motivation to site down and do something unless you thought it would get wide exposure here?

There are people who do, and when they put in a lot of time and effort and their thing turns out well, then it ends up getting a lot of exposure.

One man attempts to put something together seem doomed to fail.

There are some incredible projects being driven by just one person (Flight Commander, Ascii Sector, Paper Commander, the Homeworld mod, the Community Replay, etc). Most projects have a small number of people that really drive things.
I wasn't very clear there: I was thinking more of one-man fanfic efforts. They don't seem to get too far, judging by the fanfic section.
They are time-consuming projects like anything so as time goes on it gets harder and harder to commit time to them. Just look at my own example of fanfic...it's an idea I've worked on and off for for about 10 years now.

Time gets taken up (mostly) by real life, other projects, etc...even with a dedicated team projects can take a while just look at Standoff and Saga...they've been plowing forward for years now as well...
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