Opinions needed


I planning on a alternate wc timeline. in which it has the same history up to after the bomb run on kilrah. Which the Emperor survives, and carries on the bloody war. my story would start in 2677. what do you guys think? Would Ticonderoga make a good carrier name?
I believe it is already the name of an active Confed carrier as well per Victory Streak IIRC?

As for the storyline, not entirely sure how I feel about it especially given the large gap between the t-bomb run (2669) and the start date you have (2677). If you plan to change the sequence at Kilrah, why not start the story at that point instead of 8 years in the future?
Well I don't if the Ticonderoga is a an active ship name or not. As for the year setting i was going have tolwyn set the Black Lance up and try and over throw the government during a lull in the fighting. but he under estimates the fleet's loyalty to Confed. And that was going lead to chain of events that setup my story. After finding my guide book for WC:p. i'll be setting the date to 2673. I found out the the ticonderoga is an ship used in a mod so i'll scrap that name. Anyone like the name TCS Concord.
Concord is a bit too similar to Concordia. What about moving away from USN names and picking something from another navy? We know that Confed doesn't seem to have an issue using names from all the navies of Earth (TCS Soryu and Yorkshire in AS for instance).
Well I moved froom Confed. I choose the Ticonderoga for my main carrier but it Support carrier I yet to named. I like Ark Royal, But I think it a much carrier name. I was thinking of King George. But I'm open to suggestions
Possible carrier names from historical ship names that haven't been carriers, at least that I recall:

Yamato (Yes, I realize there's been a Trek Galaxy-class ship named this already, but who cares? :p )
Prince of Wales

Some other not necessarily already-used ship name suggestions:

I'm sure others have better suggestions...hopefully it'll get the creative juices flowing, if nothing else. :)
Why not use the name of one of the jeep carriers like TCS Tarawa for your support carrier? If you are looking for a light vessel, that could fit.
When I was much younger, I drew spaceships in my spare time (Crappy ones at that) and I would always put U.S.S. Mannor below the ship.

If you want to use that name your welcome to it :D
How about Tsushima, Inchon or Plattsburgh? I'm 99% sure those have never been used, and they follow the semi-established trend of naming major capital ships after major battles.
I know of a Royal Navy Battleship in WW2 that was named King George V

Maybe that is something for your support carrier.
There was a USS Inchon - it was an Iwo Jima-class assault ship. Again, similar kind of thing to the modern Tarawa.

Or you could go the whole hog and name the carrier after a deceased (in your timeline) Kilrathi War hero... TCS Blair, Tolwyn, Eisen or Halcyon perhaps?

Written any yet or we at the ideas phase?
A couple more if you're still thinking on the CVE...

Immolator (rather a nasty name, I know...)
I'm just in the gathering phrase right. I have a few ideas that I'm going to use. In my timeline Tolwyn is dead. He was killed in a battle in Sol against loyal Confed forces. Tolwyn was bitter at the government for telling him to standdown instead of going in for the kill of the kilrathi fleet that managed to survive the kilrah blast. General Blair now commands all Confed Space Forces. Taggart is now a Admiral commanding the third fleet. and The Union of Borders Worlds where the story will take place threatened Confed that it would ask for peace with the kilrathi. If Confed didn't them some updated capitals ships. so confed gave them two Vesuvius out Six it was building. plus 3 three concordia carriers They also gave them 12000 Bearcats. they were allowed to keep any black lance equipment they captured from tolwyn third black lance base which was in the borders worlds.

I Like the Hood and Titan for names so far.

P.S. Sorry hadf real life issues or would of got back sooner
Give it a few hundred words then post it up to see if there's interest. WC fan fiction is a tough nut to crack though - I had a go myself a few months back and apart from the odd canon debate, I doubt anyone read past the first chapter. If you look at the fan fic boards you'll see most other efforts either faded out or got largely ignored too.

Not wanting to discourage you, just advice to manage your expectations and try to drum up genuine community support before you invest too much time.

That said, if you do get the ball rolling, I'll be happy to give it a look.
I agree, while one often might think they have a great idea on their hands when they start writing they realize that maybe the idea wasn't so great.

For years I've had an idea for a fanfic rolling around my head. I've got probably 15 pages of notes on it (I named ships, fighter compliments, commanders, jump routes, character sketches, plot line, etc) but have never gotten around to actually putting it down.

The idea was a quasi-deep raid on a Kilrathi forward refit base in the Daghk System in the 2640's with a bit more emphasis on a fleet action type of engagement instead of just fighter strikes. Maybe one day I'll get around to putting all the information I created to good use.

But best of luck to you.
What we need is an officially (within WCCIC) supported fanfic project. With the right support from the community and a small team to work on it, something could happen.

One man attempts to put something together seem doomed to fail.