OpenGL pack for WCP updated to 1.2.2


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Up until now, some people seemed to have a problem with the OpenGL pack for WCP. A strange API bug on some Windows version (well, Vista x86 at least) made the OpenGL setup erroneously patch out the Huge-Plasma-Gun version of the Midway, so the game would crash the first time you'd launch from it. Clever gamers found a workaround (restoring DATA.TRE from the CD) but this disabled the enhanced effects edited textures.

This new version fixes the patch process, and repairs the previously damaged DATA.TRE if needed.

You can download the new version here.

Thanks to Whistler for helping me find the source of the problem through is affected PC (I couldn't reproduce on my own machine).
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I installed this but it seems to have created a problem with Standoff. When i start Standoff, i just get a black screen but hear sound. Everything works if I use the DIrect3D mode though.
Have you modified Standoff CFG files to allow it to use external files ? (STAN_1.CFG, first line should read "install no_folders 0") Besides those tweeked textures (mat folder) that Standoff could use if you configure it to, there are no files that could conflict except CG.DLL and CGGL.DLL, and I just checked, it's the same version if both the lastest Standoff and WCP OpenGL package.

Also, are you sure you didn't change the OpenGL settings in between ? Please try changing the settings to lower values and see if Standoff then works ok.
Hi guys,

The recent news item just pointed me this way. I have to say Pete, this is an awesome upgrade. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to get this running for Prophecy. I've uploaded a comparison video to show this beauty in action. The video's were recorded using the 2nd simulator mission.

On a quick note, just loaded up SecretOps. When it asks for a Callsign, all I can enter are numbers and symbols? And no more than 10 characters. Never mind, for some reason there are two box entries, one for the callsign and the other numeric/symbol with know title just below.

DirectX vs OpenGL Comparison

OpenGL Only

Direct X Only
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I'm having trouble getting the steam overlay working with this patch (or Prophecy in general TBH). Any advice? I'm trying to use the steam controller with this game.