Old Confederation Fighters

Hmm. Your Rapier is a little more Epee-esque than the original. It would be neat if you pushed it even further in that direction, to create a stronger connection between that design and the rest of the WC1/2 ships.
actually, you hit it right on the nose. I noticed, when I made a cover for pilgrim truth, that when you take the rotary cannon off the front of a cf-117 it does look much like a p-38 fuselage.. so it's no accident the dual laser cannons resemble p38 guns. I had to resist temptation to stick a .20mm cannon right in the middle :p

I think the movie rapier doesn't get enough love. in my mind (and also above) it fits in pretty well with the visual style of other ships from the games (especially the fighters from prophecy) but yeah.. all of these are older variants than we get to see, so I wanted to add a vintage quality.
hey Quarto. missed you there at the start of a new page and all. you just made a fantastically brilliant observation. and more importantly.. the Epee follows the naming convention.

the Rapier is about as much of a predecessor to the Rapier II as the 'Thunderbolt is to the Thunderbolt II :D thanks for the suggestion!
the Rapier is about as much of a predecessor to the Rapier II as the 'Thunderbolt is to the Thunderbolt II :D thanks for the suggestion!"
Thats a good point - look IRL at the Lightning & Lightning II, Typhoon & Eurofighter Typhoon etc. etc. I guess one could argue the whole Mk I, Mk II, Mk III thing. Would that would make yours the CF-117 Rapier Mk. I, & the film version Mk. II? Which is awesome, because you could then fill in as many blanks as you like! In the movie handbook there is mention of a long-range recon version that replaces the rotary cannon with a sensor package... the CF-117LR (Long-range) Rapier? Or just R (recon)? The possiblities are endless!!!

+1 Love for Movie Rapier

added two more and cleaned the image up slightly. the broadsword is an attempt to mix the coolest features from the movie and the wc2 model.. I really, really like those giant ship killing torpedos it has attached in the movie.
Love it! Hey have you seen these 2 fighters before? They are the 2 SWC confed fighters that never got reused any where


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yup. I own super wing commander.. problem is: those are ships people already have a clear picture of in their minds.. and that's not what they think of when they think wc1

also: AD was kind enough to remind me of this:

which he drew last year.. so I'm gonna have another go at the broadsword.
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That kind of reminds me of how the B-29 airframe was re-purposed into the C-97 Stratofreighter cargo plane. Perhaps the Broadsword's spaceframe was likewise adapted for cargo use?
version .35 sketch hopefully AD approves :D that one took me an hour + a little change.
I think it looks awesome! The only suggestion I have is that the rocket pods should be split half above and below the wing.... it doesn't even really need to take extra realestate above the wind since it could be incorporated in the section from which the upper fins protrude. It's just that as-is it looks like they might hit their own ship with the rockets.
Ohh even nicer, if you could, could you sketch up some side/top/front views of this model? I'd love to make a model of that.
they are there, but hidden.. I put them under the winglets on the fuselage just so they wouldn't be accidentally shooting at those giant shipkiller torpedos. there is also a tail gun in the back and a cannon on the nose for strafing. and I think the next version will have a ball turret on top and bottom.. to give it more of a bomber feel.
I gotta revise that broadsword soon.. more fighters.. this time from WC1 era!

maybe I'll do WC2 next..