Old Confederation Fighters

My only suggestion is for inspiration - look at the historical Gladiator & Hurricane (from pre-ww2 and during, respectively) and try to reflect those designs. For instance, in the case of the Hurricane, perhaps instead of 2 laser cannons and 2 something-else cannons, you might want four (or eight!) low power cannons, like we saw on the Banshee in WC4. The Gladiator was one of the last Bi-planes ever designed, so your design for a WC Gladiator might be configured around the idea of four wing surfaces, similar to the Raptor. Just examples.

Not a bad idea; I'll give that a try. I do have some "primitive" stuff in the system for just this sort of thing; stuff like "coilguns" instead of "mass drivers" (though technically they're pretty much the same thing).

I've been thinking about the WC Wildcat, being a predecessor to the WC Hellcat, and what that might look like. A hybrid between movie & game style is where I'm at. (that should be no surprise considering my Avatar pic, huh.)

I did some stats for the Wildcat when I added it to Enyo. Getting it down to 50 million credits was a real challenge, lemme tell you...

Yeah, I don't have any real stats.. I was just trying to come up with designs that were spiritual precursors.

I didn't think so; just wanted to be sure. I think the notion of looking at their RL predecessors is my best bet.
The Hurricane is described in Action Stations as having "one gun", so I am thinking that instead of paired cannons it has some kind of Gatling style weapon similar to that Gatling Neutron Autocannon seen on the movie Rapiers.

Also, in WCIV, the Stormfire cannons are described as being old and obsolete. I can see them as a finite-ammo Gatling-type predecessor to the Mass Drivers that we are familiar with.

As far as the aesthetics of fighter weapons go, take note of how long the Laser and Mass Driver cannons are compared to the fighters in WC1, and how they appear shorter in WC2, showing that it has become possible to cram the same weapon performance into a smaller package. Extrapolating backwards, we can suppose that before the war, the type of Laser and Mass Driver cannons that we are familiar with were too bulky for fighters, and the fighters had to use smaller, weaker versions (which is part of why fighters were considered useless against capital ships before torpedoes--there was an even greater difference between fighter weapon strength and capship weapon strength back then compared to what we know from later in the war).