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You mean when his fighter stalled? That was right next to Paladin's ship. I think Paladin would spend the time to move over and pick him up :)
Obviously he didn't. The Gamal Gan/Grimalkin is with you once you return to the Concordia.

And then, "Where the h311 are you?" :)

Perhaps they were obliged to pick him up on the way out of the Deneb Sector/Quadrant... but then it wasn't anyone from the Concordia... or we could just dismiss it as a endgame joke.

BTW, does anyone know why the Gamal Gan Dorkathi is so blasted small in the game?

well sombody would have to. thats a very valuable fighter there.


Oh, and about the novels, the only ones that are hard to find are End Run, and maybe Fleet Action. I walked into Barnes and Noble and walked out with Action Stations and had Heart of the Tiger and Price of Freedom on order. Got 'em a week later. Also walked into Waldenbooks and ordered False Colors and Freedom Flight. If you want them, you can get them pretty easily.


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Easily if you have even heard of those bookstores.

You've been here long enough, I thought you would have worked out the ranking system by now. It's just to acknowledge how much people have posted to the CZ.