Official WCU flamewar / infighting thread!


Vice Admiral
Somebody said Derek Smart? You talking 'bout me, you *****ing little **** **** who has nothing more than ********** for a **** and dare to ******* me with ****** and add green sauce to it?
[No censorship here boys, I'm smart enough to find the asterisk on my keyboard myself - but thank *** im not That Smart...] :D

So, just to emphasize: Intelligent discussions should go here:, rants should stay in this thread here.

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
In true egomanical manner I nominate myself as project head. I know a great deal about the technical aspects of Wing Commander from defending it in the wild frontiers of places like, my work on the Reckoning mod which I'd like to think has embued me with at least a vague notion of how to make a decent game, I'm a good mediator (witness my work on helping hold together Reckoning in the wild early days, or my work between the Wing Commander and Freespace communities, which I believe has at least led to a measure of mutual understanding, if not affection). I'm also out of a job and currently in the throws of a debilitating depression. I am, however confident without being (too) overbearing, and I have a really cool avatar to boot.

According to this thread, I qualify under all statutes of the current Law of Succession. The only thing I'm not is female, but that can be changed thanks to modern technology. (I've always had gender issues, anyhow).

Thank you, I'm here all week.


I think that dressing in drag should be enough to push you over the edge in the vote Bob. Please post pics. Thanks.


And what happened with Newcommanderondablock and the other weird WCU guy...Darkmage or something like that?