Official WCU flamewar / infighting thread!

The purpose of this is to keep yelling-at to one thread so we can keep working and don't scare away the visitors.... okay let me start....


LOAF you yell too much and you're too authoritarian!

Brad you are such a tease with drawing cute ships and not using them!

Aron your mom thinks I'm a guy in drag!</rant>

and so on :)

really, take it with some sense of humor...
I mean that if anyone wants to say something mean to someone else, this is a space to do it. Dork.

(Meaning of course, Kilrathi for "transport"... Yeah thats it... I'm going to call someone "Transport" when I want to insult them from now on... Most Obscure Reference EVAR!!!! A winner is me!)

Bandit LOAF

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We still need a response to the issues raised in the 'please contact' thread. A good leader can't ignore things like that.

I haven't seen anything resembling a flame war at these forums. The new softer, friendly internet is incredibly touchy.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Once again, a mysterious e-mail address that we have to contact ourselves is not how a project is managed. If she wants to run WCU, she should be here at the WCU forums.


Spirit honny, if Michelle wants to be involved then she is going to have to visit here. Otherwise I think she is pretty much out of the picture.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Posting to the project's message board seems like a pretty essential requirement for running the team. No one cares about someone we've never interacted with - and an e-mail address and a vauge response will not alone create any interest.

If Michelle wants to run this project, she should come here and argue her point just like anyone else would.
I very much agree with you there, she said "people are welcome to email me" though... she has a bit of a superior-istic attitude unfortunately :(

Anyway, I think that at this point it's a good idea to forget about Michelle WCU wise...


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hmm Spirit you can't live for someone else. She has to decided what she needs to do in her life. Also putting her in charge is a silly thing to do. She is not fmiliar with WC series, noone knows her, it's been 3 or 4 days already and still there is no post from here. Why should we contact her and ask to become our leader? lol... you know i love you, but i must say that this is kinda very VERY stupid thing to do.

We do not want her to lead the project. Most people her will vote for LOAF. He also volunteered to help out. I just can't understand what's wrong about him being in charge of organising the things? Could you plz give the direct answer, i'm kinda puzzled as LOAF and some other guys around here.

P.S. you want to help out your friend, than make her go out and find the job. Leader isn't the one who is told to lead, but the one who takes the leadership by himself. Cause leader is a responsible dedicated person!!!
You're right....

I honestly think that LOAF would put canon strictness ahead of gameplay. Adherence to canon in a fan game is very important but gameplay should be the #1 concern in ANY videogame. If we want to vote let's vote :)

About Michelle.... you're right.... it's just that I'm very worried about her lately, I need to get her to take charge of SOMETHING in her life so she can rebuild her self confidence. oh well that's my problem :)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Except I've repeatedly argued why I would not, and I have repeatedly pointed out how I would use continuity to improve gameplay - stop ignoring my posts.

If you want to hold a vote, start a thread with a poll option.


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Heres the way I see it. Both Spirit and LOAF seem to be able to add a lot of energy to the project, however, I dont really think either of them should lead.

Spiritplummer doesent seem to want to lead, as she has already asked for somone else to take a leadership role, while LOAF wants to fill that role.

However, after reading these recent debates I dont think that LOAF has the temperment or charisma to lead. He has encyclopedic knowledge of WC and he probably does know a thing about game design, but he also seems to have some Derek Smart (for those of you who dont know him, the ultra cocky creator of the horrific battlecruiser games) arrogance, and that kind of scares me. While that style of leadership might work in a commercial game desgin house, I dont see it fitting with the open design approach of the project.

For a project lead we need someone who is level headed, good at communicating with others, good at co-ordinating, and is inspiring to others, giving even critical feedback in a positive encouraging manner.

I am this person!

...not. ;)

Anyway, I think we should just mantain what were currently doing until one more capable comes along