NEWS : Ingame HUD System

ChrisReid said:
Well, I know it's definitely not you, because the post didn't originate from your computer. That's nice that you don't think your friend lacks the guts to attach his name to stuff like this, but it is in fact someone posting from Scooby's computer. And I doubt his mom has much invested in this thread.

That being said, only the two most recent Unregistered posts are from Scooby. The others were from some random jerk two thousand miles away, and Scooby was just trying to ride his coattails.

What I was trying to say is that those other posts didn't sound like Scooby, since I've never known him to use profanity or act very aggressively. All I meant is that I don't think he should take heat for something he wasn't responsible for. I think that's only fair, even for people who aren't my friends. I'm sure you can understand that, and I'm glad you cleared up that the other posts were from someone else. That's all I was trying to say, really.
Only 103 and 109 where mine.. Btw does anyone now where you can download the utility freespace? Only thing I've found is some odd utility thats quite new (well they was it's for XP which puts it well after-the-fact) Just curious about their copyright/trademark dates. BTW Don, that Freespace Pro url is from 2004 :D

Also it's not just computer software that uses title addons (aka Descent: freespace, wing commander: privateer, elder scrolls:morrowind...etc) Hasbro has done this too "Autobot Meister" (aka Jazz)

Trying to get back ontopic, could someone answer Stones question that got buried?