New Standoff Scoreboards Rank Wingnuts Globally (January 8, 2006)

nice idea @sonic

But I think it will be really difficult to do so.

but the main reason why i am posting is

I have to fly the Wraith again? i don't really like that ship, but I want the first place at mission 1.
And to get 13 000 points in an other ship as the Wraith is hmmm perhaps I try to fly my Epee or Arrow agein but we will see. I am not in the right modd at time.

But i am happy. Finally some guys who can fly and beat some of my highscores


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Sonic TH said:
It would be cool if you got a bonus on kills if you lose a system, I don't know how many times a friggin dart has trashed my guns or my shields. Having a lucky dart kill your shields in wave 4 and making it to wave 11 should be worth something I think.
Sorry, but I don't think this would be a good idea. It would basically be like saying that it's good to get damaged - and it shouldn't be. The best scores would then be achieved by people who start off their day by ramming their ship repeatedly into an asteroid in order to get high per-kill scores in the early, easy waves. Imagine someone flying the Wraith on easy difficulty, for example. It's not really possible to die in the Wraith on easy difficulty, it's not even possible to get hit, really - so a player who intentionally damages his ship would be able to get this damage score bonus without risking anything.

If anything, the bonus should work the exact opposite way. After all, a pilot that gets hit is worse than someone that never gets hit - so shouldn't we acknowledge this by giving him a higher score? We won't do this either, though - because if we did, people who took a DF hit in an early wave would quit and restart, because the damage score penalty would lower their chances of getting a high score.

There is another, more important reason why I wouldn't want to implement such a system, though. Any changes to the scoring system effectively invalidate current scores. Someone who holds a high score would not be happy if the system was changed in such a way that people would be able to easily beat his score... and similarly, any changes that would make it harder to beat his score would be simply unfair. Worse than that, it would effectively kill the entire scoreboard. Because if we made such a change once, how would anyone know we won't do it again? And what's the point of trying to earn a high score, when you don't know if tomorrow the system won't change?

For this reason, there will be absolutely no changes to the scoring system overall. We will probably be adding local objective-based bonuses and penalties of some kind in the other sim missions... but we will not be making any changes that would apply to missions 1 and 2. We will also not be making any changes that merely should apply to missions 1 and 2. If it makes sense for some bonus or penalty to work in mission 1 or 2, then it's totally out of bounds for Standoff, because we can't implement them there, and we don't want to confuse people by having an over-complicated scoring system where things that logically should apply everywhere don't apply in some places.

Sonic TH

Well that makes sense, it was just a thought, mainly for the other sim missions. I can understand and agree with your point about changing the system for the current missions and under cutting the scores we have now.


Argh, I knew I should have gotten past wave 12, maybe I better start trying to beat my score before you beat me to it. :D I'd really like to beat the mission 2 score but dang wraiths are hard to kill even in a wraith. I still can't believe you beat my crossbow though, I thought that'd stand for a little while hehe.

You ever play Tachyon: The Fringe? That was a fun game to dogfight on-line with people.
@ Sonic TH

Tachyon do not say me anything^^

And yeah the Wraith is tough even in a Wratih^^

I do not like to fly the writh, becuase it is boring, but i like to hunt for Highscores^^

I tried to beat my Epee score last time, but it beat it only about 50 isnÄt real fun to beat your own hiighscore^^

So the wraith is interesting, the next time i fly, I will fly the Writh again^^

and the Crossbow... I was a littel bit lucky^^ no dartsa at wave 6 ^^ i could get some real nice quick kills ^^

But my broadswordscore...I think it will be very hart to beat that, because i was very lucky at getting this much points ^^


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God, I hate you Sternenwind! :D Good job on beating my Broadsword score, as much as I really hate to say it.

Grrr, your name is on the board too much!!
thx wulf ^^

But the Highscores aren't that high at most of the ships. I could get much more points in the Ferret and Sabre, but i do not like to fly against myself, I wish someone would try to beat my Eoee score, I love the Ship and I want to beat the Wraith in it. But i do not know why, but it is no fun if you can only beat your own Epee Hishscore ^^

and the Broadsword, like I say, I was very lucky ^^ No darts till wave 7 ^^

And my Name...yewah you know. I only want that more Pilots try their best to get their Name on the Scorebord, so I have to try it and get alll the Highscore for Mission 1


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I have to say, I'm kinda curious about how much more attention mission 1 gets, compared to mission 2. I mean, yeah, I know - Confed fighters are more of a challenge, and Ferrets are simply a pain... but at the same time, the relatively low high scores should provide a very strong incentive for you guys to play mission 2 :p.

Take the Epee, for example - the last time the Epee high score for mission 2 changed was on the 13th of January, five days after the episode's release... surely, over the past month you've learned to do better than that? ;)


I think that also has to do with mission 2 scores being below mission 1 scores, so you have to scroll to get to them. Mission 2 scores are just not as 'visible' as mission 1 scores, so it's more tempting to get a mission 1 high score. More ppl will notice a mission 1 high score :)

Maybe put the scoreboards next to each other in stead of under each other ?


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Nah, I don't think that's really a major factor. In any case, it wouldn't look good to have both missions squished next to each other... especially after the other eight missions get added :p.
My reason for not flying Mission 2 so much is easy

I do not like to fly against Humans :p

Call mye crazy but I do not fly against my kind.
So I fly against the Kilrathi^^

Yeah i am al littel bit crazy in this thinks, but I do not like wc4 too much for this reasons, I do not want to fly against humand, I even do not like the mandarin in WC2 ^^

I love it if Kilrathi would fly these ships, because the confederation ships are better than the Kilrathiships and so they are a greater challange, but I do not like to fly against humans, no idea why, but so it is^^

But I whish there were a possibility for a one and one

In WC" I loved the last mission. one on one against thrakath, A real good fight. I renember that I had much troubel against this guy as a kid ^^

You see it is not the right feelig to fly against your own ships. In a Kilrathi fighter I would fly Mission 2, butnot in a Conferderation ship. Call me crazy if you want^^

Sonic TH

To be honest, the confed ships are WAY harder to kill. All you can do is play chicken. And they fire even more darts, try facing down 5 epees at once and you'll see what I mean. I don't like the idea of playing at lower skill level but I think the only way to make it past all 15 confed waves would be to play at vet or ace. Personally though I always killed my wingmen and even killed my carrier :D it was hard to do in the time limit after you turn on em. May be disloyal but had to teach em not to shoot me in the tail pipe, it felt good after the AI screwed up a mission to punch their clocks.

Btw, I know you guys aren't keeping all the scores sent but it would be kinda cool to see an average score for pilots aswell. Also might be nice to sort the scores by what level they were playing, like all nightmare scores on their own board, that would give more people a chance to have a top score also.


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Sonic TH said:
Btw, I know you guys aren't keeping all the scores sent but it would be kinda cool to see an average score for pilots aswell.
Well, the truth is they're all kept, but we refrained to display them for an obvious reason: some jerk could theorically submit very low scores using your name and by doing so lower your average score.

Sonic TH said:
Also might be nice to sort the scores by what level they were playing, like all nightmare scores on their own board, that would give more people a chance to have a top score also.
My original idea was to send the difficulty setting to the scoreboard too... but then as the player is allowed to change difficulty level in the middle of the mission it would make no sense. Also, I had to find ideas on how to actually reduce the amount of data to display. Why ? Just imagine: we have 10 simulators missions * 14 ships * 5 difficulty levels, wich would have given a 700 lines grid. I think that the 140 lines grids we'll have when all 10 sim missions will record on the scoreboard is already too much.

We could add some information in the player pages, though, and I intend to.


Thank you for Standoff Team. Great work. I almost thought that Golden age of WC already went by... you proved that wrong. Thanks. Sim & Scoreboards are an excellent addition to the game. Is there any plans in the future to make multiplaying possible? Why tarsus had to be removed, I had not much time to play with it... :(


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Jarmok said:
Why tarsus had to be removed, I had not much time to play with it... :(
The Tarsus didn't have to be removed - but nobody was playing it, so we decided to replace it with the Arrow (and we couldn't simply add the Arrow, because there's a limit to how many ships we can have, and no more new ships can be added without removing existing ones).
Jarmok said:
Yes Stern, its good to see that there are few pilots who are almost as good as I am.


Almost as good as you?

I think i should fly the galdius and the Morningstar again huh?


But I hope there will be a Day i can play against good pilots^^

Wing Commander Saga... ihope it will be as good as standoff ^^

Sonic TH

*cough* *cough* almost? *cough* *cough*

We'll see about that :p

Though it sure would be fun to play you guys on-line but I don't have armada.

Sonic TH

Hmm, I'll have to get on e-bay and find it I guess. But I get so many paypal spoofs I'm afraid to use it anymore... Anyway my hats off to Cardinal, that crossbow score is impressive, both of them.
yeah the crossbow score is really impressive. Will be hard to beat that.

But now Jamork... almos? I do not like to fly the Morningstar and the wraith but you see, I can fly the ships^^

come on guys^^ do not let me take the hole score board *har har*

@standoff team

it was the first time I cleard all 15 waves. The final is just great I was really suprised to hear that song^^

only a few points more and I got 100 000 points at the total score ^^

what exactly mean By Score Count. I can't imagen anythink by that.


argh my joystick. it did't work anymore...damm and thx to Windows xp I have to buy a new one, becausu i do not have any usb joysticks left...