Need creative suggestions

I picked up your idea about placeing the turrets on some kind of podest. Also moved some of their positions and going back to the image of the Clawmarks manual I also added a few in the back and side.
Also the AA turrets position was changed a little bit. I sticked with the number of turrets but moved them around a bit to cover more space.
Also the front turrets is back in its little wing section. That was a part I realy missed. The turret inside, as with all others, are placeholders so don't mind that it looks like it can't fire up or down. ^_^

These podest give the ship also a bit more details
Yes the "new" Bengal is very well armed indeed. On the other, when I look at the stats of the StarCitizen version its nearly nothing.

Anyway I got new images. So whats new?

Small thrusters to turn the ship. I had these in an older version and realy liked it as a small detail to the overall design so they found their way back into the new version.

Second update has been the hangar. I have been taken over details mostly from the movie.
Added the small red "whatever it is" storage and a placeholder for the flightcontrole center to it.
Also some struts and the hangardoor and forcefield. Its all more or less WIP but allready gives an nice impression.
Deck01.jpgFlightcontrol left_door open.jpgFlightcontrol right.jpgHangar-closed.jpgHangar-open.jpgHangar-open-intern.jpg

PS: Freaking light add so much rendertime...but it looks so nice. ^_^
Thanks guys. I have to work on that further. I nearly stopped for the moment because of my work. Only update I had was that I changed the floodlights. The rendertime for these where just to long and I experimented with getting them down a bit.
Using Photometric lights makes pretty pictures but hurst the rendertime like hell. Hopefully I have some more time next week so I can post an update.

PS: Klavs how are you setting up your lights? Do you go with the "if there is a light in the geometrie then you also place a light there" or are you doing it in a more general way that you have visible light sources but also use some invisible lightsources.
Second option is greate to reduce rendertimes, from my experiance but currently I use the freakish idea of giveing every bulp a light.
Oh and Klavs you are using Lightwave for you modeling/rendering? Is that correct?
I use Luxology Modo, and I do a lot of texture baking and different LOD levels. If I have a closeup of a ship near the wall I pop in the high def wall section, if I have a shot the length of the bay, I use the med detail stuff nearer and flat textures baked onto polygons further aft. Only the foreground stuff is really 'lit' with real lights, saves tons of processing time but you have to think ahead with your setup. Thusly, my bay interior will never be 'completely detailed' Even with my smaller Tiger's Claw I'd go insane!

I'll just have sections that look good that I shoot movies against, kind of like a movie set, and a rig for distant stuff. If I need to do something else for a specific shot, I will!

Here's an example of baking in Modo:
Modo...never heard of that one before.

Your way is quite elegant. I have to think about how I might be able to use a similar methode as soon as I got the more general layout done. Will you do a "complete" layout of your claw so that one might get the impression that you could walk around the ship? Kinda like I imagne how StarCitizens Claw will be made. I doubt that they will build every deck of the ship.
The other option would be to limit the rooms to the ones needed for a specific scene.

I am kinda torn in between. On the one hand I would love to have a complete layout of my Claw to have a complete overview of where every system and room on the ship is. On the other handy I shy away from the workload that would create and ask it worth it?
I mean I would love it to see if its possible to port the model over to StarCiticen, when the tools are made avaible and run through the entire ship, checking every deck. On the other hand that would most likely require an entire team just to build this one ship.