Name that Bird!

"Farman Experimental" I don't know of any cute nickname.

The cute nickname is actually the FE.2-B "Fee". It looks like a big exposed wooden frame with canvas wings and a gun on the back. :)

T-34 is the Mentor, and the 110 is made by Embraer.

Here's an easier one... what's the Terminator?
Shooter said:
Just a note on the Spitfire... You still can buy it !

It's a shtinking kit, and you can't even get any guns for it. :mad:

How about a C-141?
That's the Fairchild C-82 Packet, which was the predecessor to the C-119 "Flying Boxcar" (who named those things back in those days? Honestly..)

Next.. what is the X-6? (it doesn't have a name, i'm just asking if any of you know what it is.)

Quite possibly my favorite X-plane because it's so silly nowadays, but they took it seriously then.
The X6 was a parasite fighter designed to launch from a B-36, B-47 or B-52 bomber to defend it from enemy fighters.

Okay, what is the name and purpose of the X-20

The X-6 is actually the nuclear-powered bomber... it's a converted B-36 (4 jet engines *and* 6 props facing backwards - "pusher" type). Thankfully it was never actually powered up. People in 1955 were a little kooky..

The E-4's a converted 747 used as an airborne command post. Again, there aren't any cute nicknames I know of since it's not mass produced on its own.

In case that's right, try this: Q-5
Q-5 "Fantan" or something? The Chinese are the only ones who use the Q- designation, I think.

Ripper, no joke. The X-6 was supposed to be powered by a General Electric P1 nuclear reactor, and it had a crew complement of five: a pilot, copilot, flight engineer and two nuclear engineers.

As I said, only in 1955... ;)