Name that Bird!

Dang foreign planes.....don't know.

(I didn't think I would suck at this. :( )

Me 262A1A

The Destroyer isn't a foreign plane-it's the Douglas B-66/RB-66 bomber. Mid-60s/early 70s vintage.

Volksjagger (I hope I spelled that right).

How about XF5U-1? The nickname will do, since I don't think it even had an official name.
"Farman Experimental" I don't know of any cute nickname.

WW1 era Fighter/Bomber, looks basically like a big Snipe.

Here's an easy one: T-34 (I've got about half an hour of flight time on one)
Not quite, I was referring to the aircraft. The T-34 is in fact an aircraft, I flew one off the coast of Santa Cruz.