My Xbox got the Red Ring of Death...


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It's all over! :( Damn shame. I've placed an order for my 360 coffin from Microsoft. I will mail it to them, and then hopefully I will get a fixed up 360, or perhaps one of the newer ones with the 65nm core, or HDMI or something... we can all hope. ;)

But it looks like I will be out of commission for a few weeks - and I was supposed to have a long weekend this week! DAMN!

They've actually improved the turn around speed a lot. It only takes about 2 weeks or so from start to finish.

You'll get the exact same type of 360 you sent to them. It won't be the same one, but it will be of the same type.
That's a bummer man. Just for curiosity's sake what kind of set up did you have on your 360? I.E. horizontal/vertical, well ventilated area? Etc?

I'm worried about the health of my 360 and I'm trying to gather information to keep it alive as long as possible ;). Have had it ten months now, horizontally, on a raised platform but secure so it won't fall, with one of those little laptop coolers plugged in underneath it via a USB connection. And I clean the dust off of it periodically. So if it breaks (*knock on wood*) I'll be real mad because I don't think I've ever taken care of any system as much as I take care of that 360.

Man I miss the old durable systems sometimes. You could bounce those old SNES' off walls and they'd still keep on chugging...
The first 360 I sent in was my roommate's. He had it horizontally fairly well ventilated and it just went to 3 lights in the middle of playing a game.

I have mine vertically raised up slightly so that air can reach the vents on the "bottom." It also sits directly in front of my main a/c vent, so it's got plenty of cooling power.
You'll get the exact same type of 360 you sent to them. It won't be the same one, but it will be of the same type.

I think they do send you the same one back now actually. Getting a different refurbished system back was a common complaint.

It could be worse.. Powell bought one for Arena, got to play for about five minutes, and then had his system die. Hades recently got his repaired system back, and then had it get the red ring again after a couple hours. My sister's system died shortly after the one-year warranty, but just wouldn't turn on and did not show the red ring which qualifies it for three-year warranty service. They would try it out periodically though, and it finally did show the red rings and is now in for repair.

Between a third and half of my friends' systems seem like they've gone back. I suppose I got lucky. My first one died way back in 2005 when Microsoft was doing nearly-24-hour turnarounds to avoid the initial bad publicity.
Had the ring of death on mine after about 7 months sent it back and got a new one sent to me i went and got a third party cooling system
If you mean the Nyko Intercooler it's know to cause very severe problems that will not be covered by your 3 year warranty if they occur.

Just search Google Images for "Nyko Intercooler burn". A friend of mine even had this happen to his 360 because of the Intercooler.
People who have gotten the "ring of death" how often and how long do you run your 360 for? I have mine on a shelf with good ventalation to the sides and rear, I have the power unit on the floor but ventalated. I'm wondering if the heat buildup and the failure associated with it has to do with how long people run their 360's for.
With all the trouble everyone seems to be having with these things I wonder if it's even worth getting one.
Also Microsoft has released two new hardware revisions of the 360... the first with an improved cooling system for the processor and the second with 60nm manufacturing technology which decreases heat production significantly.

So Microsoft has been working on the problem, and before too long all new 360s on the market will be these 60nm ones.
Yeah, I guess I had fairly bad luck maybe. I sent it away and MS said it'd take about 20 working days.. but it came back in 7 with a new motherboard. Overall I had about an hour of play out of it before it locked up and only gave me the red ring after being turned off and on.

So it's gone back again and they're apparently going to send me a totally different xbox within 15 working days. They also gave me a list of things to choose from for compensation..various budget games, a wireless controller, or a wireless headset.. I chose the controller.

So.. bad points.. overall I could be without my xbox for 5 weeks total, and naturally the controller arrived the very next day while I'm still waiting for something that in theory they should already have on a shelf somewhere. Good points.. they probably won't take that long, I got free stuff, and I'm now able to waste my life in new more creative ways.

Actually I'm not, I'm just sitting around watching TV and internetting. Oh god, I want it back.
Mine shit the bed a couple months after having it. I sent it in and two weeks later got a bizzare robotic phone call from UPS telling me there was something coming in the mail. Turned out to be my fixed Ybox which has worked beautifully ever since (knock on wood).
All those troubles are the reason I still have no Xbox360. I really wanted one, but the official Brazillian Xbox 360 is way too expensive and the smuggled, cheaper one (no import taxes) has no warranty.
Here's a question, for the community-at-large...

Have you found a FAQ page that you felt captured the "who to call, what to do, what to expect..." stuff perfectly? If so can you explain or give some linky goodness?
I've had to return 3 360s at this point. (2 of my old roommates and now my own) The only part of the process that is annoying is listening to Max on the phone as you try to get to a person.

Other than that it's a pretty simple process for them to send a shipping box out to you. I'm curious to see how long it takes to turn around this time.