My Carrier Rendering

My carrier is very upset that you think it has a large ass. Its going to go hide behind a moon now until an ugly Plunkett class cruiser convinces it that its pretty.
My carrier is very upset that you think it has a large ass. Its going to go hide behind a moon now until an ugly Plunkett class cruiser convinces it that its pretty.
But he does :D

Nice work Sylvester ;)
Nice job Sylvester. It makes me think of a mix of the Pukov Class 1 Coalition Carrier from Star Lancer and the Imperial Escort Carrier from X-Wing Alliance.
Interesting I only wish the Vision engine supported such large poly counts :( ......this fan game will no doubt be a "Pioneer"
Okay people - I don't forsee any more drastic changes to the hull geometry, so I modelled the laser turrets onto the ship. My count is more than my statistics list - 24 on the ship as opposed to 18 listed, but I found that there were a few blind spots that needed turrets. I have provided more detail views plus a closeup of one of the turrets, which are all identical.


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For your viewing pleasure - a combined orthographic/isometric drawing is attached:


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Hey could you post the file that this is in? We just got a 3D printer in my school and I wanted to try this out. If you could shrink it down to 2x2x2 beforehand that be great, if not, no problem.