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Okay folks - i know I used to create uber ships in the past but I personally think this is a fairly good design. Renderings of the ship made in Autodesk Inventor 2008 are attached to this post:

Basically, what we're looking at is a ship-for-ship replacement for the Concordia class. It seems to me that despite the ability of the Midway to be mobile starbases, they don't have as much flexibiltiy as a regular carrier, not to mention the 'putting your eggs in one basket' design. This design is roughly proportional to a Concordia class ship, with an airwing of maybe 75-90 fighters and bombers. No offensive weaponry, just a crapload of point defense laser turrets and IFF missile turrets. With the Nephilim threat, Confed probably realized that they need multiple carriers in light of the destruction of single large units like the TCS Mt Saint Helens. So this ship is much cheaper than either the Vesuvius or Midway designs, so more of them can be built and deployed for tactical operations. It doesn't have a science lab or a marine detachment, its sole purpose is to put fighters in space. The vessels has 20 launch tubes, 6 in the bow and 7 on each flank of the hanger, allowing it to quickly put fighters in space. I named it the Essex class but if someone has a better name, please share it.

Basic Specifications:
Designation: Fleet Carrier (CV)
Length: 820 meters
Beam (maximum): 235 meters
Mass: 83,000 tonnes
Maximum Speed: 175 kps
Cruise Speed: 100 kps
Armament: 18 point defense laser turrets, 6 IFF missile turrets
Fighter Wing: (Using 15 ships per squadron)
30 Light Fighters (Piranha, Arrow)
30 Medium Fighters (Hellcat, Tigershark, Panther)
15 Heavy Fighters (Thunderbolt, Excalibur, Vampire)
15 Bombers (Shrike)
5 Shuttles

Hope you all enjoy. Comments are welcome.


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Streamlined and very sleek, but Confed seems to be looking for cap-ship desiens that look as though they can break apart.
At time I've wondered if that pylon holding the Midway togeather was blown could the Midway operate as two independent role...

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hehe... Maybe a cross between the Bhantkara and the Lexington...

Look at the hangar in your 3rd pic...

By the way, the top down one reminds me of some other carrier for some fanfic, maybe from the aces club...

It looks fine anyways; I'd like to see the textures done
Looks like the Midway, Mt St Helens and Lexington had a threesome and 9 months later....Bam. This little guy pops out. Anyhow, I think the basic idea is good - but you're really pushing it on the number of launch tubes. There's a difference between "That looks reliable" and "That's looking a bit silly". I'm afraid to say that it's edging more towards the latter than the former - at least for me. You've got to think of all the sheer abount of machinery that needs to support each launch tube. How often that much machinery will break down. How hard it is to maintain all that. How much interior space it will take up...etc I figure if you loose to front or side launchers you'll solve the problem. Other than that, my suggestions are to add some front prongs - like the Concordia or Victory - and to make the engine arrangement more interesting - a straight line is a bit...boring.
It's a good start!
Hey, by the way, why do you have 15 ships squadrons?

Edit: Found the other carrier I was thinking about... Repleetah class CVE I think

Allright Howard - suggestion taken. Forward launch tubes have been removed, leaving the ship with seven on either flank, which I think is good. I like the way her engines are set up now, so I'm not going to change them. I've added bulk to the lower hull and sculped it to give the ship more impressive lines, and have added Concordia style prongs to the front of the ship. I've also begun some hull paneling.

Howard - if I send you these inventor files, would you be able to texture them with anything?

Houkiboshi - Its not anything written anywhere - I used 15 ships because it made it easier to add to 90.

New pictures attached:


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I'm not sure...Does 3dsMax9 open Inventor files? The only texture sets I've got currently are geared more towards the early 2650s, not the late 2660s. Dunno if it would be a good match.
Heh- actually - i'd need texture maps for the early 2680s, but its okay if you put 2650s textures on them now, I just want to see the ship with any textures at all.

As for if Inventor files are compatable with 3dsMax9, I have no clue.
Houkiboshi - Its not anything written anywhere - I used 15 ships because it made it easier to add to 90.

I undestand, but 15 ships are a little off for flying in combat, as usually yo fly in pairs...

Maybe you could round the squadrons and then fill the gaps with refulling, SAR and SWAC ships
Okay folks, attached is a more detailed rendering with more some additional hull geometry and detail. I also have exact specifications from my modeling program as far as dimensions go, so here are updated specs.

Length: 795 meters
Beam (maximum): 265 meters.
Mass: 81,300 tonnes
Maximum Velocity: 175 kps
Cruise Velocity: 125 kps
Armament: 18 dual laser turrets, 6 IFF missile launchers
24 Light Fighters
36 Medium Fighters
24 Heavy Fighters
12 Bombers
= 96 fighters - comparable to a Concordia class CV.


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More detailing work has been done - I did some additional modeling, smoothing edges on the forward hull and changing angles so they meet in a more pleasant way. I also added some detailing to the bridge module and I snapped a close up of the starboard launch tubes.


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Oh - and in case anyone wanted to see this - here is a progression from my first model to the most current on a side view:


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