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Discussion in 'General Wing Commander Chat' started by Jdawg, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Ashton, MD, USA
    Adding a salute for the Amiga recommendation! I came to the system much later in life as I was trying to learn about the different ports of Wing Commander, and I'm the proud owner of an Amiga 4000 and a CD32 today. It has been so much fun learning how to get the machines up and running and then exploring this whole world I didn't know as a kid.
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    Actually, I fondly remember your post, well, sort of "series" on that. If I'm not mistaken, and indeed, this is all based on memories of crap that probably happened over 3 years ago... You had a few issues with your Amiga and had to send it to some caring people to fix it up? In my eyes, sort of having some issues with you for years, those were the best writings I had ever seen from you, and like you or not at the time, I appreciated your write up there. I'm not sure if I'm remembering right but I "sort of" had a feeling you were one of the several people that would respond to comments on the Amiga's music (others praising it) with simple comments like "as far as I'm concerned anyone that thinks that never heard the MT-32." - Which I'm actually about to write a topic on that in a second for its own thread. - Not directly at you, I mean that's a comment I've seen all over the internet, so I'm discussing it in general.

    I'm not positive you were one of those people, but regardless I do have fond memories of your "journey" with getting your Amiga up and running. - Not sure if yours is a PAL or NTSC machine but in case it's PAL, next time you play try to boot that thing up in NTSC mode, that's how it should be played.

    Anyway, "if" you were one of the many I've seen over the years who sort of slyly gave the Amiga music a kick, it means all the more that despite feeling that way, having probably at least heard the Amiga music on YouTube, perhaps emulated it; It means a lot that you HAD to have an Amiga, and you got it because of your love for Wing Commander.

    I got an MT-32 for several reasons, but my love for Wing Commander and my hatred for FM was the final straw. I completely understand those that feel the MT-32 sounds better, they're both great so it's just a matter of preferences really, but I always grinded my teeth when someone would praise the Amiga's music but be slapped in a way by people who I can't imagine ever fully experienced the Amiga or the MT-32. And I'm sorry if I'm wrong about that, but I'm just saying with that in my mind I remember your Amiga post being a special one to read. You might still think the MT-32 sounds better, I can't knock that, but the fact that you understood how special the Amiga sounded, enough to get your own machine and deal with all the crap you had to deal with... As a big fan of the Amiga and Wing Commander, in my mind that was your finest moment, even before I got this chance to take another look at everything here.
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    Quick-ish update: I've recently joined the Air Force Reserves to fly my ol' mistress on a part-time basis with the 343d Bomb Squadron.

    What does that mean for you all? Well, in addition to augmenting active duty operations, we do a LOT of air shows and flybys. I'll post here once I get onto a sortie taking a jet somewhere that may be near anyone interested.

    Also, for anyone that has enjoyed the "Planes" movies from Disney, you may be interested to know that about a year ago, their development team visited the 343d Bomb Squadron at Barksdale AFB, LA and recorded sounds and took note of the B-52 and actions/dialects/jargon of some of my fellow crewdogs. There may be a BUFF in the next movie (maybe) and the character may be based on an old flying buddy of mine.

    Hope everyone is doing well, and as soon as I've completed my requal training, I'll have more SA (situational awareness) on air shows and the like.

    ***It's not like in WC4 where Blair gets picked up by Marshall and is flying solo in a Hellcat within minutes after being Inactive Ready Reserve for a while***

    I'm 4th in from the right.

    For you history buffs (pun intended), the 343d is within the 307th Bomb Wing.

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    Hey folks, I'm Kevin Jamieson (aka K JAM, aka Ragger)!

    I'm new around here, but have loved Wing Commander since no later than grade 1. I've played small bits and pieces of many of the sequels, but I'm really all about WC1. I'm actually about to start the Secret Missions for WC1 for what I think is the 2nd time, but maybe the 1st. I'll probably play WC2 for the first or 2nd time soon too, but that's time permitting.

    I'm turning 32 in April and from (and still live in) Edmonton, Canada (population just south of 1 million. Think Wayne Gretzky winning a Stanley Cup? It only ever happened here!). I described a bit of my WC history in my post here, but basically my Dad got a copy of Wing Commander, along with photo copies of the manual from a friend when we got a 386 (in '91, maybe '92). I wasn't initially allowed to play it (fear I would ruin the joystick or computer from my Dad, and "violence" likely from my Mom), but in the coming months I wore them down and got limited, and then over time increased access to play the game. In spurts I played it (and Chuck Yeager's Air Combat) a lot over the next few years (and several replacement joysticks), and although I now have enjoyed a generous gaming history, Wing Commander would be my fav flight sim type game, and a top 10 game (maybe top 5) of mine all-time.

    Other games that have eaten up a lot of time at one point or another
    Diablo 2/3, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Borderlands, FarCry 3/4, EA's NHL series, NBA JAM, Donkey Kong Country 1/2/3, Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic, Blades Of Steel, Mortal Kombat 3: Ultimate, Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Guitar Hero(s), Rock Band(s), Doom1/2, Quake 1/2, Counter Strike: Source, Halo 1/2/3, Unreal: Tournament, Age Of Empires 2, Sim City 2000, The Oregon Trail (dos), Spectre (dos), Chuck Yeager's Air Combat (dos), Pharaoh's Tomb (dos), Gorillas (dos), 007 GoldenEye, Burnout: Revenge, Geometry Wars, Portal, Wii Sports, Tiger Woods '10 (Wii), Tetris, Links Golf (dos), a game similar to pong where you cleared bricks (BrickIt? maybe some ripoff game of a bigger or older game, idk), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1/2, Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding, Twisted Metal 3, Cool Boarders 3, 1080 Snowboarding, Crash Team Racing, Crash Bandicoot 1/2, Full Throttle, Double Dragon (2 or 3? it was on dos), Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, Virtua Athlete, Diddy Kong Racing, Quarrel, Mario Party(s), Super Mario 1/2/3, Duck Hunt, Star Fox: 64, Super Smash Bros, Worms, Wave Race 64, Turok 2, Stanley Cup and probably some more (especially Nintendo, SNES, N64, PS1 and internet flash) games I'm not currently recalling. The list isn't really in a particular order, but Diablo 2, LoZ:OoT, Borderlands and the EA NHL series are definitely ahead of WC. Past that, I would need to do some soul searching to put them in order. WC is definitely a top 10 game though.

    Big geek when it comes to LOTR, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek and kinda Zombies too. I'm not a true movie buff, but I'm not crazy far off. Same could be said for classic rock (my 1800 song playlist is pretty much world class). Musically, I enjoy most everything except most country music. I listen to rap, rock (mostly before 2006ish) and some metal. I enjoy hearing jazz, blues, electronica, classical and some pop music.

    I suppose I could do a paragraph on fav movies and tv shows? Maybe just TV shows for now: Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead (although I'm behind the TV shows, I collect the comics in volumes), Star Trek (TNG & DS9 are my favs, but I've seen and enjoy Voyager and TOS), Archer, Rick And Morty, Letterkenny, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The Big Bang Theory (again, I'm behind), The Strain, Suits, South Park (WAY behind), The Supernatural (behind), Scrubs, Band Of Brothers, The Pacific, Robot Chicken, The Wire, That 70's Show and Seinfeld would be at the top end of the list. Big Mouth only has 1 season, but it's one I'm liking

    I like some board games, like Settlers Of Catan (+expansions), Ticket To Ride (Europe is my fav), Take-Off, Clue and Cards Against Humanity.

    Because of WC, CYAC, Top Gun, Star Wars and a uncle + cousin who were aviation enthusiasts, I wanted to be a fighter pilot for a number of years (as well as an NHL hockey player, lol), but I was given that impression that my vision was not good enough to be a fighter pilot (I don't need glasses by any stretch, but I don't have 20/20 or better, either). I nerded out and learned a tonne (that's how we spell "ton' in Canada) about military aircraft, mostly fighters, and love that stuff to this day. I like to fly Raptors! I wish I had one in the Venice System!!!

    I have a wife and toddler and I work ( currently part-time) as a financial adviser. I currently spend a lot of time home with my little girl, and that's very rewarding. I'm sports guy too, [all sports, but most especially hockey (shocker)]. Honestly of all things, I'm the biggest nerd when it comes to hockey (particularly when it relates to the Edmonton Oilers, Sidney Crosby or Team Canada).

    I read most of the posts in this thread before mine, and it's neat how Wing Commander has brought us here and influenced our lives!

    You can usually find a pic of me (and see me talking hockey) on my twitter @KevinJamieson86
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    Hey everyone!

    My name is Chris and I've been lurking on this site since 2003 or thereabouts.

    I'm 37 and live in Cape Town, South Africa. I got started on the Wing Commander series when my neighbours got copies of Privateer and Strike Commander in 1995. A few months later, I go my hands on an EA disc containing Wing Commander II; Strike Commander; Syndicate Plus and Ultima VIII. Since then I've also played Wing Commander III, IV, Prophecy, Academy, Armada and Privateer 2 repeatedly.

    I've managed to burn through four joysticks in all that time: a classic Logitech WingMan; a Saitek Cyborg; a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 and a Logitech Force 3D Pro (this one died on me last year).

    My addiction to all things Wing Commander is mostly inspired by (as well as influenced my preferences for) movies and TV shows like Star Wars; Battlestar Galactica; Star Trek; Dark Matter; Ender's Game; Firefly / Serenity and Robotech.

    Wing Commander also got me interested in similar other titles like X-Wing vs TIE Fighter; Terminal Velocity; Descent (1 and 2); Descent: Freespace; WipeOut 2097 / XL and, strangely enough, Audiosurf. I also remember spending a fair chunk of my meager wages on the Star Wars Trilogy arcade game shortly after getting my first job.

    If I had to pick my favourite ships from the series, then they would be (in no particular order):
    Sabre (Wing Commander II)
    Centurion: Privateer
    Shoklar (Armada)
    Wraith (Armada and Academy)
    Vampire (Prophecy)
    Panther (Prophecy)
    Excalibur (Wing Commander III)
    Banshee (Wing Commander IV)
    Freij Mk II (Privateer 2)

    Anyhoo! Enough about me.


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