LOAF, do you buy EVERYTHING?

Given that 'fluent' means able to speak seamlessly with a language, you're probably *not* fluent in Pascal or C++... (or English, apparently).
I'm as fluent in C++ and Pascal as I am in English and thats all that I'm saying *intentionally leaves himself wide open for another patented LOAF comment* :p
Wow, just 90 minutes ago you had "*some* small experience with C++", and now you're an expert? You either some kind of genius, or a complete moron.
HTML isn't a scripting language... it's a markup language, just like it says in its name.

My english skills aren't those of an expert ;) I'm putting English into the "some experience" instead, and rephrasing the word fluent with well versed in :P There now people can stop tearing that post to pieces (god I hope so)