Joystick controls for WC?

Lazy Panda

Hello, I think that I have a kind of problem.

I'm currently on joystick hype and have some problems figuring out the controls for WC4 and WCP. It is apparently not written down anywhere and I am in dire need of help from someone who can list the joystick controls up for me.

Thanks in advance.


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It really depends on your joystick. My old logitech wingman extreme came with a wc4 profile built in, but was customizable to any keyboard function as well. The throttle was obvious and primary weapons fire was the trigger I think (or was it the thumb? even so, if it was the thumb then trigger was missiles or other way around) I had the buttons on top for switchin and locking targets. There may have been a secondary side thumb button too. I had the HAT switch set for the various viewing directions so it was a cinch to switch to the turret. Worked like a charm for prophecy too. It's been a while and I dont really remember what the game defaults to. As far as I know though you pretty much do all the configuring in windows so as long as you know the keyboard commands it should be easy to figure out.