Japanese Wing Commander 3 Boxes Compared (July 10, 2018)


Noted DOS aficionado Christian Klein has posted some interesting comparison shots of the Japanese editions of Wing Commander III. We've covered these a couple of times in the past, but it's worth pointing out again that the game received a full audio dub (check out the intro here), and that Japan is the only market where a Windows 95 port of WC3 was released as a standalone product! The front box art for DOS/V machines (a version of IBM DOS with better support for the Japanese language) was pretty much identical to the Western release with some Japanese text thrown in, while the Windows 95 edition featured a more unique design (though certainly not as "out there" as some other Japanese box art). The same design is featured on the cover of the Japanese guide to WC3 for PlayStation. Christian also provides us with a look at the reverse side box art and the CD-ROM disc labels, which are more bland than the etchings on the Western PC and 3DO discs.

Original update published on July 10, 2018


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Has anyone ever tried to install Wing Commander 3 Windows 95 on a PC with the Wing Commander 3 English tre files?


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Not sure about that, but English territories got a WC3 Windows 95 edition too in Kilrathi Saga.