I'm Back

*steps out of cryogen freezing tube*
Hey, what year is this? I have not been around for ages as I have been playing my PS2.
I have to agree that a wing commander game for ps2 would rock!! :D
A NEW WC game for PS2 wouldn't be bad at all. They've had some good arcade-style sims (Star Wars Starfighter series, the new Battlestar Gallactica game looks pretty good), but a remake of the original wouldn't be anything special, considering the majority of the missions were either patrol, destroy, or escort. If there were more in-depth missions, then there'd be something.
I always thought WC would have been a lot more realistic with patrols that didn't turn up any enemy. Less exciting, sure, but more realistic.
Nah (G) Armada. When you choose to 'continue' the Gauntlet, you're first asked to fly your fighter back to the carrier (two missions, one for Confed and one for the Kilrathi).
Loaf, I wasn't really counting the "outside" games, such as Armada, Privateer, Academy, even though I didn't really specify that. Can you think of any in the main line of the games where you don't run into hostiles?
Armada's campaign mode is just like a regular WC story. With... Danthrax... and pirates... and traitors... and stuff. (G)

As for actually in WC games, the only remotely similar thing I can think of is in WC2. You're ordered to fly a Ferret to the Niven (or Ghorah Khar in the losing version) station, and are told to go via a 'special' nav point to avoid enemy fighters. The traitor arranges it so that the Kilrathi attack you when you go there... but if you pick up on that from the briefing, you can change your nav computer to send you directly to the base and you avoid the enemy completely.
Is that one of the attacks from stealth fighters? Meaning that if you skip the nav point, you can tell Angel that you saw stealth fighters even though you never entered combat?

I just loved how I'd come back with "scorch marks", even though I never took a hit.

(Actually, I'm lying. I didn't love that. I hated it.)