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Vampire Ace
WC I and II

I think it would be cool if WC I and II were released on the PS2, or another Next Gen Console. The graphics could stay the same, by Maybe they could Speach into WC I with Mark Hamill doing Blair?
The question is: What mass market would buy a game thats over a decade old and ported to a nextgen console system. The answer: Nearly no one.

(And just because Hamill did his voice work in the movie for free doesn't mean he'd do it again for WCI and II)
To be fair Chris, on his own, is a mass market for almost any console game.
Or, they could port SWC instead, since:

1. Improved Graphics.
2. Full Speech and Sound
3. Digitized Sound
4. Runs better (more accurate joystick).
Actually, I believe that they're making an entirely new Mega Man game for the PS2.

But, it's not unheard of to port really old games to nextgen consoles. I just bought the Sonic Mega Collection for the GameCube, I think all the original Final Fantasies have been made into updated Playstation versions, and they package the first two Zelda games with the purchase of a new GameCube.

But as much as I would like to see an updated version of Wing Commander, there are a few problems. Updated graphics would be great, but the gameplay wouldn't be anything special. And as for having Mark Hamill (or any other actor) do the voice; why would a... fifty? year old man do the voice for an early twenties rookie? Yeah, he did it in Academy, but that wasn't exactly a work of art. Kinda like the same reason he didn't star in the movie.
ZFGokuSSJ1 said:
MegaMan is being ported to the PS2 I believe!

It's older than WC, so why not WC?

Because flight sims tend to suck on consoles.
First of all, I said "most"

Secondly, WC:pA is "handheld" not "console" ;)