If there was a new Wing Commander game?

I missed the original discussion and it seems there are a variety of opinions. I'm also not confident that any hypothetical official new WC game would be welcome - we may end up in a similar situation as the movie where the developer tries to please both the old fans and a new generation of players and potentially disappointing both.

For myself, I would have preferred a 'proper' resolution to the Nephilim arc, but it looks like that will never happen, especially with the 'suits' demanding that Kilrathi have to be the 'bad guy'. As others have mentioned there's plenty of material in Blair's purgatory assignment as well as before WC1, but then the issue of prequel/'mid-quel' comes up. If done in an unexpected way we may end up with the same difficulties that we had/have in trying to reconcile the movie with WC1.

What I thought interesting was LOAF's idea about the Prophecy-era Kilrathi civil war. It's towards the end of the established lore yet it also has an unexplored story and relates to the Kilrathi (keeping the executives happy). All I remember is the T'Agg A'Bren clan / Cult of Sivar and how riled up Hawk and Maniac were about having to fly with 'fanatics'. Obviously they weren't part of any 'legitimate' Kilrathi government (or whatever faction Confed recognised), so what was it that was so bad about them? There's also plenty of firepower still going around if they had a Fralthi-II class capital ship to lose, the one that we see the remnants of in the first Prophecy mission (okay, so war-time ships are supposed to be decrepit and underpowered at this time compared with Confed's shiny new 'mega' carriers, but the point is that there are still capital ships in rogue hands).

On the topic of prequels, I (very late to the party, I know) gave the Deus Ex series a go last year (AUD15 for the whole series sounded good to me). I can understand that if they wanted to have a sequel after Invisible War they really didn't have any choice but to make it a prequel since there isn't really room in the story to do anything after any of the endings for Invisible War. Despite it not being a finished trilogy, I think they (Eidos Montréal) did a pretty good job in being faithful to the original Deus Ex while bringing it to a new generation of players. It's possibly a unique situation, though, and I find hard to imagine how anyone could do something similar for Wing Commander.