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SabreAce said:
But after going to different ships...I discovered just how little maneuverability was really worth if after getting on a Gratha's tail, it took forever to kill.

right on dude
Jesus Christ! This isn't the first time this person has posted on the forum to advertise Cialis. Eder, Quarto, is it possible to require registration to post in this forum? This is irritating.
It's possible to require registration, but it's not an especially good idea - in the first weeks after UE was released, there was a lot of unregistereds posting in the UE forum, and the same thing might happen here. We don't want to force people to register just to post a bug report or a mission-related question.

Besides, it takes very little effort to remove these ad posts. I can't do it myself, since I'm not a moderator in this forum, but I'm sure Eder'll do it as soon as he's online.
That kinda crap sure is annoying. He doesn't necessarily think any of us will click on it.. far more likely he is simply trying to google-bomb.

I'm sure everyone knows how searching for "miserable failure" on google gives you GW Bush's official bio. as the first hit. A bunch of people put links on their page like <a href="bushBio.html">miserable failure</a> and when google crawled the pages, it learned to associate the bio with that phrase.**

If this guy gets his cia1is link on enough pages, google will in a similar way perhaps learn to associate his site with cia1is. If a google search for cia1is brings up his site, he gets $money$. He's willing to use other people's forums to do it, he's just a dick. Ban his IP or something (if it isn't constantly changing)

(incidentally, the other side struck back: Michael Moore's official site is now shows up right under the white house as a result for that search)
I'll just keep editing his posts (thanks Starkey for reporting the post BTW, so I could come check it as soon as I got home) since the ability for unregistered people to post here is indeed a good thing.
For what it's worth, the Hornets in False Colors still had their laser cannons. I wonder if adding neutron guns would screw up the continuity.
How would they do that? Neutron guns are out dated anyway.
Actually, I was annoyed with the phasing out of neutron guns. They pack a good punch, even though the range is short. It's a 'sunday punch' kind of weapon.
Neutron guns are nice. Their limited range can be a problem sometimes, but as a general rule, it's good to have the extra punch. I'm sure Overmortal can tell you quite a bit about the so-called joys of flying the Stiletto. Sure, you can take out a Talon without any trouble... but anything bigger than that... :p
Id love to try the Stiletto out. THen again Im insane when it comes to light fighters. I like to use Arrow against Capships.....sad thing is that I generally do quite well
The neutron guns are outdated as of 2668? I recall the Hellcat packing a dual laser and neutron guns, and that is supposed to be a top of the line medium fighter, introduced the next year.

I like the idea of giving the Hornet neutrons, though I worry about how far apart the guns are mounted. Get in close and rip the target apart with guns, something that took forever with the laser cannons.
the Hellcat used neutron guns in neither WC3 nor WC4

WC3 the gun loadout was laserx2 , ionx2
WC4 particlex2, ionx2
The Hellcat has neutron guns in-game in Wing Commander 3 (this isn't reflected in Victory Streak or the Warbirds poster, which list lasers and ions).
SabreAce said:
But after going to different ships...I discovered just how little maneuverability was really worth if after getting on a Gratha's tail, it took forever to kill. Getting on the tail is good, if you can actually do something once you're there. But 2 laser cannons just weren't good enough to destroy a fighter in enough time take on the other Kilrathi that was busy fragging the Tiger's Claw.

It was even more fun to tackle a Gratha or two with only one gun. Just scratching armor was quite the accomplishment.
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