Help Getting Wing Command Prophecy to run with Updated Videos


Hey all, I've been trying to get WCP running with the graphics update and HD videos, but I've not been able to get them to work.

Working off these I followed the instructions but instead of the videos playing while I'm running the game I just get a black screen. I can mash some keys and the game will progress, but it looks like it's trying to find the videos but can't. Like the instructions said I put them in a folder named Movies. Kinda stumped what to do next. Has anyone else had this issue? Would appreciate any help.
Like the instructions said I put them in a folder named Movies.
The folder should be named "MOVIE" with no 'S' at the end. Try renaming it. If that doesn't work, it's possible you are missing the appropriate codecs for windows to play that video format.

Also, some people have noticed really long load times when using the HD videos. Consider trying to wait and uncomfortably long time and see if they finally load. If they play after a long wait then you can rule out the codec issues
Thanks for responding AD. I managed to figure out what it was. The movie folder was correctly named, just added the s when I wrote about it here. Turns out my issue was with wcphr.dll. When the OpenGL installer did it's thing it did not overwrite wcphr.dll. So I did that and installed the K-Lite Codec pack that's mentioned on the forums. After that the video and sound started playing. Just can't skip the videos which kinda sucks but they look good!
its important to use the right Prophecy.exe and the right wcphr.dll .. these 2 files are important .. you can find it at the donwload section ..
maybe this one can help ..or this it takes time to find the right one .. maybe this
You should not need the "DVD Movie Upgrade Patch" or "Video Skip Patch". You only need the "Enhancement Pack" and the most up to date "Model Update Pack" (MUP). The later one gives you the (in my experience) best wcphr.dll, you just have to rember to delete the existing wcphr.dll before you install the MUP.
@Lazarus: Did you install the MUP or the "normal" OpenGL pack? With the MUP I can skip the movies.

EDIT: Self reference to my post in "HD Video Tech Support":