hello, is there a multiplayer wing commander?

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Before 50 more people jump in, I'll just point out to Muz, that going through the warez "abandonware" channels to get your Wing Commander games is severely frowned upon here, for what should be pretty obvious reasons. As has already been stated, "I don't trust online banking" is nonsense. All of us were buying Wing Commander games online as teenagers in the '90s before we even had credit cards or bank accounts linked online. If you really don't know how to do this, there are hundreds of people here who will explain how.

Wing Commander is an extremely valuable series. EA didn't give Red Alert away on a whim, they used it as a promotional tie in for a new Command & Conquer game (not to mention the commercial release of Red Alert on the iPhone/iPad).

Back to the original topic, it's exactly this kind of respect for the franchise that has allowed us to do all the things we've done over the years. Things like the Academy tv show, getting Secret Ops cleared to come back online, the recent WC1 download and many more are only possible because we've proven for over a dozen years that we can play by the rules and work for the best interest of both the fans and the people who make the games.
I mostly play with a keyboard.

Sometimes in Armada multiplayer I'll use a joystick.
I know Command and Conquer franchise is not good as the old days, but it doesn't matter because it's just matter of money. I mean don't you guys love money? The reason I don't have an online money system is because money is still valued to me. I like to keep my money and accumulate it, not spend it, right? I mean having an online account, it's just not the right time for me, plus, I sometimes trust and don't trust certain websites that offer such.

Besides internet banking, I love these Wing Commander games too much. I mean, don't you guys get it? After 15 years I haven't remember Wing Commander, snap! it just came into my mind.

I know, I might wanna buy the originals, but it's just far impossible here, plus internet banking is still not my thing yet. So that's why I did the unthinkable, that is download from certain websites. FYI, I downloaded WC1, WC2, WC3, WC4, all back. And I really love it, when I get to play those games back again remembering my childhood time during the 90's.

I know piracy is still at large, but well, it is just ain't my problem, it is the company's problem in the first place. I mean, they could've made better security. I mean I know it's impossible during the old days but they could've made it better. Wing Commander is just a franchise designed but group team of designers. And I'm glad they made those games. Plus, not just company to be blame, might be the customers or users as well. So blame them. Not me.
Cool! I like using keyboard as well, but it is just not as fun as using the joystick. Which is a strange experience for me. :p
I hope someone robs your house and justifies it: "You should have had a better lock. It's not my problem you got robbed. It's yours." You really are a dumb person if you think that the above somehow justifies what you've done. Admitting pirating all those games has won you no allies here and no one will empathize with you.

You are a piece of garbage and I really hope more than anything you get a trojan or something equally horrible in your pirating adventures that ruins your computer and costs far more than what it would have to purchase games you claim to love.
You're an idiot and the only reason you aren't banned is because it's fun watching Dundradal get all worked up.
So ban me then, I don't mind sitting all here, just to watch all your lame comments about what people wanna do. Off then, peace ya,all.

Durandral, you're just being a jerk here. Im just looking for Wing Commander games. It's the internet for God's sake. Im sure you use the internet to download other stuffs.

It is funny how you people don't like piracy just because couple games are out there. It is just a game, not some holy treasure for God's sake.
It's not being a jerk in defending intellectual property rights. You seem to think that because you can pirate the games that somehow justifies doing it. You realize that is theft? Or do you just go through life stealing everything you need to survive? "It's just bread." "It's just wireless internet. You were broadcasting it open so it's your fault that I could log on and steal your bandwidth."

I do use the internet to download things. Things I purchase. Patches, updates, and other things that are offered in relation to products I own. You don't seem to have a conception of property rights and why people get angry when things are stolen.

The reason this place can do things that other websites would be told to "go to hell" is because we understand and respect those rights. We support people finding and purchasing the games. Even after you were being a moron I provided links to purchase the games online. You still seem to think that other people here will somehow be ok with what you've done here because you've justified it by agreeing with I stated earlier. You are lazy and stupid.
allright, just dont talk about piracy, i mean, there isn't any rules here that says, PLEASE DONT PIRATE WING COMMANDER GAMES HERE in the first place right? i mean when we register, it doesnt say any rule, i mean do u haf that? i dont think so.......................
Don't worry I imagine you won't be posting here very much longer.

And I really hate to do this but you do seem unable to comprehend your own actions so it doesn't surprise me you can't understand the rules you did agree to when you created your account.

CIC ChatZone Rules said:
11) Linking to, offering, requesting or hinting at the whereabouts of warez, abandonwarez, copying games or other illegal content can result in immediate banning.

You can find the full rules here.
ah, i din read that. well, i guess no piracy here then.

AND MAKE IT BOLDER, if u dont want it to happen again.
allright, just dont talk about piracy, i mean, there isn't any rules here that says, PLEASE DONT PIRATE WING COMMANDER GAMES HERE in the first place right? i mean when we register, it doesnt say any rule, i mean do u haf that? i dont think so.......................

http://www.crius.net/zone/faq.php?&faq=cicfaq#faq_cic_rules, rule number 11

Also one question about backups - what about downloading via not too legal site something you already own - I mean I always wonder if someone has IE wc3, but finds out that one of his disk is totally unusable, is it legal or not to download it from such site? (I know it's illegal for bittorent as it actually forces you to share what you get)
Let me guess it's the CIC's fault because you didn't read that right? Because it wasn't bold, flashing and telepathically inserted into your mind?

The fact you'd even need to be told that piracy was not allowed is insightful enough. You have no respect for what other people labor to create and steal it at your whim to satisfy your own desires.

If anyone is the jerk here it is you.
I dont mind u guys being smarter or more intelligent than me, but hear this out, some people would do stuffs that can be consider wrong just to enjoy themselves, but piracy ain't wrong. It ain't stealing, it is sharing.

And I don't like the community who likes to call people such unnecessary terms, jerks, stupid, lazy, go whine those uncivilized terms elsewhere u miserable and imbecile moron.

And I dont like you either cause you started to call me all those words.
Piracy is wrong and illegal. In your own country piracy is illegal. They've continued to crack down on it actually. It's not sharing, it is stealing.

The thing is, I haven't done anything wrong. If you notice when you first posted I was more than willing to help you. Then notice the change when I realized you were pirating the games. You're just a jerk who steals rather than pay for things. Don't get mad when you are told the truth.
I thought Wing Commander Armada is offered here for free on this website. Well I guess, it was not. I saw CIC tutorials on how to setup it online. Since CIC didn't show the links to download it. I download it from elsewhere. Well it's just that I want to play Wing Commander with you guys. Having a dog fight with ya' alls. What's wrong with that? Right?
Here's a perspective

but piracy ain't wrong. It ain't stealing, it is sharing.

Piracy is wrong, mostly because it is SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK that you are stealing and giving away. By doing this, you're not giving anything back to the developers or publishers when you download a pirated version of a game. And when you download from someone that purchased a legitimate copy, you are also stealing from the developers because it's not the real thing you're downloading, it's a copy, and by making a copy, the developers lose money, because it's not the developers that are selling or giving legitimate copies to you when you download something, and it's not the developers that are making money off of what is being pirated, it's another person who decided to steal from the developers by propagating copies of the game free of charge.

You might ask, what are the developers/publishers losing? They're losing money, and they're also getting dishonoured for all their hard work, because by pirating a game, YOU refuse to give back to the developers what they deserve to get.

Let's apply this to a real-life situation, shall we? Let's imagine that you have created an absolutely astounding piece of artwork that everyone in the world is amazed by, and you're selling high-res JPEGs of this artwork for $25.00. If 5000 people buy legitimate copies, a small number of people will soon afterwards be pirating this piece of artwork free of charge. Suddenly, you'll have one million people who didn't buy legitimate copies and only 5000 people that did buy legitimate copies, because some moles in your crowd of legitimate buyers have pirated your artwork to a million other people without you noticing. If this was the case, you would have lost a hell of a lot of money. 5000*$25.00 = $125,000, so you made $125,000 off of the legitimate copies. 1005000*$25.00 = $25,125,000, so if everyone bought your artwork legitimately, you would have $25,125,000. And thus, you have lost $25,000,000 to piracy.

And don't say "the developers only lost a few bucks" as an excuse for piracy. Legal systems don't care how much money is lost from piracy. Piracy is still illegal, no matter how much money is lost from it.

Or try getting involved in game development yourself and see just how much hard work these people put into their games. Try making your title become the best game in the world, with all of the awesome super-realistic graphics, surround sound, fast-paced gameplay, etc. that are all the rage in the gaming world these days. Then maybe you'll see why these people deserve to be rewarded.
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