Having troubles getting the WC Prophecy DVD upgrade patch working


Basically I followed all the steps listed here...


All the VOB files are in the movie folder in the prophecy directory, the enhancement patch has been installed. The VOB patch has been unzipped into the prophecy directory and overwrote the old file. Yet whenever i get to a cutscene it just skips over it and goes to game play.

I also have the mpeg encoder installed from my previous Wing Commander 4 DVD edition, however i tried reinstalling the encoder just in case. Still the Prophecy dvd videos won't play.

Any ideas?

Whats really annoying too is now it won't even switch over to the lower res movie files, it just doesn't play any movies at all.
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Nevermind I just got it working cause i forgot to set the prophecy.exe back to win98 compatibility. It's working now. However I am having a problem with my flight stick controls. They are reversed. Unlike Secret Ops, Prophecy doesnt allow a reverse rudder option, and when I force a reverse rudder in my logitech joystick profilers, the rudder just constantly rolls to one side. Very annoying.

I've tried mapping the roll keys of Q and W to the twist on my joystick which works fine but if the twist of the joystick is off center at all it skips cutscenes which is very obnoxious. Oh well I guess I just have to increase the dead zone of the joystick twist so it doesnt skip the cutscenes.