Happy Holidays!

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HOLY CRAP HE LIVES!!!!! :eek: Where the hell have you been? :p

Merry christmas. ^_^

He's been hiding from people like you!!!! ;) LOL

Nice to see you again mpanty!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY NEW YEARS, or however the hell you say it.....
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Merry Christmas people!! :)
Enjoy your holidays!

Look who decided finally to show his wrinkled face. Haven't learned you lesson, heh? Neither did I...
I hope to see you again more often here. I need target practice.

Merry Christmas, puny human, merry christams. :)
Merry Christmas to you all!
And I have to thank Raptor for updating HTL section, that certanly made a great gift for Xmas!
THANK YOU!!!:cool:
It's a litlle late, but : MERRY XMAS !
And happy new year with, I wish, some good WC fan stuffs (like Vega Strike and UE) :cool: