Happy Holidays!

Re: Ho ho ho

Originally posted by Corsair(pilot)
Merry Christmas!!! and if you don't celebrate Christmas..... uh, happy... saturday?

You would usually say Happy Holidays. :D
Ho-Ho-Ho-Howdy All!

Happy Holidays!

Hoping you and yours have a Wing-Commanderiffic Holiday Season!!


-Capn Johnny

I'm sending you a double pack of ESK-5's for X-Mas LOAF. Merry X-MAS people :D

That is... if you can Identify who wants to use those ESK-5's...
Happy holidays everyone. May 2002 bring you peace, love, happiness and of course: lots and lots and lots of Wing Commander.

And wish me luck with my exams which start 2 weeks after my vacation.
Merry Christmas! May you all get what you want this year.

I save my 2002 speaches for next week. :)
Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays.

See, I'm still alive. :)

P.S. Go see Lord of the Rings if you haven't.

P.P.S. Why do people I don't know keep Instant Messaging me? Oh, why can't they leave me alone? :(