Full Standoff Package

Yes, I can understand that, for example some will say that they prefer to see the original trilogy of Star Wars as filmed at the time with the grain, a low definition, without the cut-scenes added in 3D or bluescreen redone without black outlines etc. While others will prefer the remaster versions. My question is more basic: If I understand correctly, on the one hand we have the resources to replace hunters and some ships by their hightpoly HD version, so why not offer the option for those they want? (most of the work has already been done: modeling & so if I understood everything, it would only fail to offer replacement during the installation of OpenGL).
Because we do not want to offer that choice. Naturally, anybody can modify Standoff for themselves, and play it any way they like, with any models they like. But when they download Standoff and play it without modifications, we want them to experience the game exactly as we wanted it to look. This is why we've always been strongly opposed to adding any sort of customisation options for the game's visual appearance. Just like we did not add any option to adjust lighting (other mods did this, we could have done this, but we didn't want to), we don't want to add options to see some ships in high-poly and others in their original form.

But, again: anyone and everyone are free and welcome to create their modifications or overlays for Standoff :). I would be more than excited to see someone modify Standoff in the same way that people here have been doing to WCP/SO. We're just not going to do that ourselves, because we know we don't have the manpower to do it as comprehensively as it would need to be done for us to be satisfied.