Full Standoff Package


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Did you guys ever get around to putting together a full, single package install for Standoff? I remember there was talk of doing that, but on the Standoff website there still are three separate downloads (Secret Ops, Standoff Eps 1-4, and the Ep 5 upgrade).

I vaguely remember Pete saying he had packaged together a single installer in a thread at some point, but maybe I'm just imagining that.

Not a big issue...I was just going to burn myself a Standoff CD for posterity (given that you guys put together that really nice HiRes CD cover), and I wanted to burn the most recent version will all the upgrades/patches.


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I did build a full package at one point, but it became outdated before I had a chance to upload it to the website :p

The plan is to make that full package once we're done fixing the last remaining bugs.


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Yes very much on the to-do list.

I actually started last night going through Ep1 missions to compare the names for Bugzilla.


What's the current latest version that can be downloaded, as opposed to which Standoff will update itself to? I have a computer which doesn't have an internet connection, on which Standoff 1.29 keeps crashing at the end of missions (Windows 7, nVidia GeForce 550Ti); I'm pretty certain that's a fixed bug, but is there a way to access the fix?


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Hi. I still intend to update the full installer with all the fixes, but since we're not done fixing stuff yet, I've only done incremental updates so far. These incremental updates must be installed in the right order and all, so I haven't posted them to be downloaded directly. I'll PM it the right file to you.


So you guys ever nail all of the bugs?

Any intention of a full package?

Speaking of, I have two bugs to report: during the first rapier/gladius choice mission (the Ralatha strike one I believe), I completed the mission in a Gladius with both of my wingman yet Jean says I'm down to 11 Gladii. Another bug is that Spoons Rapier is not counted in the wing's losses. There were also some typos in one of the comms, but a few errors in the comms actually would be more realistic especially given the situation.

Pity Standoff can't be setup as a stand alone game.


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While I applaud your interest and enthusiasm, there is really no need to bump a second thread on the same subject.


Do you also disapprove of my Necroing now?

Any news on this front? A fully updated, stand-alone package of Standoff that I can put on my backup server to be safe for all eternity?