Flight of the Excalibur (desktop bg)

alas, i already found it :), gotta say tho am not impressed with ur essays :p

u n i shud discuss this religion thing sometime :p hehe and as for there not being a reason for life, its simple, procreation!
I beg your pardon good fellow? I fail to see either the relevance or indeed need for that statement! As far as i am aware, this site is not a degree level english course, and as such does not require me to demonstrate that i can perform accurate, literate grammar! Secondly, with the exception of various abbreviations, i don't see anything mis-spelt in that sentence.

On a side note cam, is big brother watching us in that picture of yours, or is he preparing to ion cannon us? :D

EDIT: aha a change of ploy! did you mean to spell yon like that? in which case, may i ask where abouts you are from?
Jesus Mary and Joesph

Cam, you are the man. So have you ever considered making mods for Starlancer?

Or Star Trek: Bridge Commander?
Big Brother is definetly watching you. :)

No I have not considered making mods for Starlancer, because I don't make mods. I do graphics. I'm working on a Wing Commander short movie. :D
I think your ships would look great in either Starlancer or Bridge Commander (your Sovreign-Class Variant looks cool).
Hahaha, the models are too high poly to go into games anyway. I'd have to convert them. :p

Just so y'know guys, I'm re-rendering the other WC pic I made with my Vampire last year, at a higher res and with better lighting.

I'll post that to this thread too.
Look forward to seeing it Cam. I suppose us Starlancer players will have to make do with the wing commander mods we have.
played thru it all to the penultimate mission
whereupon for some reason, no matter how many times i reinstalled and played thru again, the mission crashed when i came out of warp :(

anyone else have that problem?

havent played it recently tho
I'd rather see a WC3 mod which takes the Starlancer engine and is a reconstructed WC3 using WC3's videos and non-engine interface, but Starlancer's game engine. :D
Well I sure if you join the forum, there Madman, someone will be able to help you out with your problem
pff :D am at university now, and dont hve the game with me i dont think, i mite do tho, that said it doesnt matter, cos i have the entire wc series, freespace 1 and 2 and xwing and tie fighter, and i forgot my joystick :(