Fighter craft Armor Repair

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how do they repair armor in the WC universe? do they have spare engine nacelles, or cockpit frames, or wing flaps laying around? or do they just have random peices of durasteel that they fuse on?

On a slightly different idea, we already have strong plastics that you can spray on to things to protect it (Rhino truck linings comes to mind)
Perhaps with a few hundred years, we could make a strong, armor-worthy metal that we just spray on to replace weakened or missing armor? :)


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Replacement parts are kept onboard the carriers to repair damage, so you might find things like extra wings, cockpits, etc lying around the cargo hold. As to how they replace armor, I would imagine they simply take the damaged sections off and replace them with new ones. As to spray on armor, I still like the idea of a big sheet of something protecting me not something sprayed out of a can...


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-Scene One-

"Oww . . Chief, my arm is killing me . ."

"What's wrong, Tom?"

"My joints are aching from shaking up those spray-cans of armor all day!"

-Scene Two-

"Gold Two, you took some bad hits during that last run. What's your situation?"

"Gold Leader, we lost most of the armor on our starboard wing, but it's alright. My turret gunner swiped a can of spray-on armor before takeoff, and he's gonna crawl out there en-rout to the jump point and patch it up."

-Scene Three-

"That's IT! I want some heads!"

"Lt. Colonel, what seems to be the problem?"

"Captain, one of those idiots in my flight wing replaced my hair spray with a can of armor spray!"


Under the circumstance that that actually BECAME a technological development, I seriously doubt it would come in a can.

(granted, the practical joke potential would be neigh limitless)


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And having armor in a can would make factory ships like the Andrew Carnegie (from False Colors) useless.


well, not really
the can cant produce complex parts
I would see such spray can at best as an armor sealant, whose product can be used to seal breaches of a limited size

I imagine most armor in wc would be modular in a way. There could be armor plates that could be molded into the necessary shape by using some technique, like, for example, some sort of solution that makes it soft enough to bend before replacing the damaged one. That if the damage was too big. otherwise, the armor sealant could be used
my choice of words; Armor in a "CAN" was a bad idea. perhaps something along the lines of a 100 gallon oil drum hooked up to a massive pump?

also, how does the armor work? is it just really thick steel there to provide a thick skin or is it ablative, like the armor on the USS Defiant?


Somehow, I don't think it's albative. Probably static metal plating, which is bolted into place. Nothing we've seen says otherwise, at least...


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Yeah most likely all the armor is just large plates, it could be somewhat reactive like current US armor on the M1A2.


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I believe so.

Hey in FC, didn't they have armor plast sealant that they used to fill in the smaller holes. Virtually useless for protection, but as a stop gap to a small hull breach.


The United States Currently has 2 versions of the abrams in service and a 3rd in the distant future. The M1A1HA(heavy Armour) which i think only the marines use because they don't get the funding the army does. Basically the HA variant has not only the 120mm gun instead of the 105mm but it has heavier armour as the name implies and a better cobam(sp) armour combination then before. The M1A2 has even more improvements to armour then the HA but the big thing on it is the fire control and sighting system is much more advanced. The M1A3 variant which is a ways in the future and I don't really know if it will ever see service or what changes but I think again it will be mostly minor improvements and probably electronics upgrades. Here is a link to some basic information to back all this up and for anyone that likes to get technical


I'm surprised no one made a Joshua joke about super polymer armor paint in a can. :p

I don't think armor spray would make factory ships *entirely* useless, Psych - after all, you can't spray yourself a new wing if one's been blown off (unless you're, like, Bob Page with your own UC or something).

Then again, I never did read the novels, so I don't quite know what all the factory ships can do.

I see what Kalfor sees, really - "armor in a can" would help patch up minor wounds to the craft from combat, such as hits from guns, micrometeories, e.t.c. It might not be the most effective way to repair a ship, but if you think about it, something like "armor in a can" would be exteremely useful in situations where aircraft sortie, then come back, only having to be sortied again in short order.

If something's FUBAR, you'll still need prefab parts to replace it.


The armor on the M1A2 is pretty cool stuff. Last year my unit was on a live-fire exercise at Ft. Benning and a DOD contractor dropped a wrecking ball on the turret of one. It just bounced off! There was a little ding in the turret, about like a shopping cart hitting your car door.

As far as armor in a can... well, I can see it's uses. I agree with Kalifor, I wouldn't really call it armor, more like sealant. Just something to seal up minor hull breaches on little notice so the ship can be launched again quickly.

And as far as the Army getting more funding than the Marines Raven0215, think of it this way: The Army DOES have a larger budget, BUT the Army has a lot more soldiers than the Marines. The Marines have a larger dollar per soldier than the Army does because of this.

Now I'm not entirely sure why they use the A1, I'm pretty sure they have A2 Brigades too. Just like we have units in the Army that still use the M16A1 rifle. Because when Uncle Sam upgrades things, he doesn't throw away outdated weapons, he just doesn't fix them when they break. So, if they haven't broken yet... they don't get replaced.


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Actually, in the TPOF novel, there's a reference to fighters using "sponge armor". Whatever the hell that's about. Maybe it was just a cheap UBW special or something. . . Like JATO's.


maybe its big poofy armor that doesnt give you more protection but makes you look like a Ka'Ha'Haf so people will fear you and run away?
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