Fighter craft Armor Repair

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When the were refitting the Karga they in a lot of places only put enough durasteel to make the ship close to being airtight (there were still millions of microscopic holes in the hull). They used a patch for some of the holes that did not require a big sheet of durasteel.


one thing about this armor sealant I talked about is the use in other places, not only fighters or capship hulls
you could use it to seal marine armor, giving it a bit of armor AND keeping him alive in vaccuum. battle in an hostile atmosphere can be deadly, even with a glancing shot


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"Sergeant, I see a handful of enemy encamped just over the ridge . . seems they've built a small fire. But we're out of grenades, and I don't think we can take them in a straight-up shoot-out. What do we do?"

"That's easy, private. Grab your spare can of spray-armor, shake it up, and lob it onto their campfire. The aerosol will explode and the heat will harden the metal spray into shrapnel."

"But what if our envirosuits get puctured? . . Won't we need that spray armor?"

"Hopefully, that won't be a problem. Just in case, we'll kill them quickly and raid their camp. Maybe they've developed spray-armor technology, too."


doesnt fire require oxygen to burn? :)

and the fact that its an armor sealant or even that its in a can, it doesnt mean it is an aerosol, so dont be an ass :)


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Obviously you don't understand the point of someone being an ass on purpose to prove a point. (or just have a good laugh)

Even a hostile atmosphere may contain enough oxygen to support a fire. Depends on which atmosphere you're in :p

True, while it doesn't have to be aerosol, why can't it be? Aerosol would work wonderfully. Especially since it's so flamable, because that makes for amusing little scenarios.

-Another Silly Scenario-

"Hey, this can doesn't have to be aerosol, you silly ass overmortal."

"No, it doesn't have to be, Kalfor, but it is. See? Watch!"

::sprays Kalfor with aerosol spray armor, then sets him on fire::

"See? It works!"

-Scene Over-

So, in closing, you don't be an ass ;)


a :) generally implies you are joking. I know you were doing it on purpose
I think everyone here should lay down your arms and breath a little friendship! Love and peace all around!

::Kalfor gives Overmortal a rose and hops out followed by a thong of hippies::

And btw, what I imagined of the armor sealat would be a gel. And Im not the first to think of that. It has appeared in various sci-fi books out there


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Now, now, don't fight - you're both equally asses in my eyes.
*puts LOAF on a stool so he doesn't have to see their asses 24/7*

Payback. ;D

As far as the armor repair bit goes, that's possible, Kalfor - having it as a gel or paste rather than a spray would make work areas a bit safer, I'd think. Armor caulk?

I mean, any kind of armor that is not solid and is... er... um... (what's a good word for stuff like armor in a can?) ... has to be carcinogenic. Or just plain toxic.

That would explain stuff like in Quake 2 (Yeah, I know, off topic), where one of the many pickups is an armor shard.


Dude, no
I stoped reading anything joshua-related after the btech post and the "how confed could fight more inteligently", which, btw, I didnt read more than the first 3 posts

Armor sealant, as a gel, is used in several works of sci-fi
I can point out now as comes to my mind the WCRPG (they use it for marine armor) and in the Heritage Trilogy, by Ian Douglas (Im reading the last book now). the US marines have a patch thingy to glue over punctured armor

Anyway, that armor sealant thing I refered to, as I said, is not to give new armor
the idea I mentioned was to have a proccess or product that could mold armor plates so they could replace a damaged one. Why that? because this way you need only to produce and store tons of equal armor plates, not specific parts
A second proccess would make it impervious to the first proccess, so that someone couldnt use the first process as a weapon of sorts :)

- K


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Could be. Haven't heard. But reactive armor is usually installed in addition to the regular armor. It provides a "first line of defense", enabling the tank, or whatever, to take more hits with less damage. Cool stuff.
wait...Kalfor...are you seriously trying to claim spray on armor as your idea? go look at the first post; who started this thread? ;) you may have thought of it first...but I posted first so *blows raspberry* na-na na-na boo-boo!!!!


::Kalfor scratchs his head, wondering::

Where the hell did you see me say I was claiming the armor spray idea?
what I said, and you can see on the post I said it earlier, is radically different from armor in a can. I mentioned this sort of thing, to seal armor, is used in several sci fi's already, and my idea was completelly different

you either need to read more carefully, learn more english (and if Im saying that, man, that means a lot!), or see a shrink. you may be in need of one, cause youre delusional
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