Well by "iffy" I mean that even with your full wing of four it's going to be difficult to accomplish yet not out-and-out impossible. After all, it looks like the Phalanx's power level is somewhere between the Hornet and the Rapier II.

So, you could carry four Phalanxes, but only 2-3 Hydras? Nice balance there. BTW: would it be possible to fly a Phalanx out of your "carrier" and still own other ships (like a Camel) to fly out of your main base and just swap them out at your base when you want?
I think owning more than one ship may get confusing. You would have to remember where you left the other one. It would also make it difficult to move the "stored" ship to a new location. Maybe if you could trade a ship with a wingman it would work but it makes the game simpler to only own one ship (excluding the carrier idea). I guess if you could transport/store it in the carrier but again it may get to complex.