Favorite Wingman?

Ireland is a seperate coountry and only the English think Scotland is part of England, ther'e all part of GREAT BRITAIN
Are you kidding me? The Scimitar was THE ship to fly. Dual mass drivers, a dumbfire missile for when you run across a defenseless Dorkir...

Man... i wish someone would make a mod so I could fly every Wing Commander mission in a scimitar.
Sylvester said:
Ireland is a seperate coountry

I was refering to Northern Ireland

Sylvester said:
and only the English think Scotland is part of England, ther'e all part of GREAT BRITAIN

Eh? I'm english and I just pointed out that scotland was a part of Great Britain. Please read posts more carefully
Seriously, you guys are distracted way too easily.

Are there any Prophecy wingman that aren't lame? I haven't played it in years, and I don't have as vivid a memory of it as I do of 1-4.
Ok then. Favourite wingmen eh. Hmmmm, well, in Wing 1 none, as they were all to stupid to know when to eject. In Wing 2 Hobbes. In Wing 3 probably Vagabond. In Wing 4 probably Hawk although I never really took the time to experiment with different wingman combinations, instead just accepting the default ones. I dont recall any wingmen at all from Prophecy although I did enjoy hearing the 'ambient' radio chatter that went on during battles when there were a large number of confed fighters about...
WC1: Paladin or Angel
WC2: Hobbes
WC3: Hobbes again, with Vagabond in a close 2nd
WC4: Vagabond until he was fragged by a Confed Marine, after that it has to be Hawk.
WCP: Stiletto

PS. Tarquinn, I have to agree with you about the Scimitar.
Quite right. I often wonder what people are talking about when they say they hear a "british" accent. And for the record, I always enjoyed flying with Maniac. At least in Wing 3 and 4. I never had to worry about him getting into too much trouble, what with his talent.
Yes, I meant "english". You must understand that I'm an uneducated American capitalist pig. Or something like that. . . I'd forgotten that all of those nations are a part of Great Brittain.

I like the Scim, but, honestly, only for certain missions. They have better guns than a hornet, and better shield/armor/missiles/survival rate. However, while they work as a good limited strike fighter, or possible interceptor, they don't have excessive staying power. I always preferred a Raptor.
Murray said:
Except the voice replies, does it really matter which wingman you chose? I mean in terms of skill.
Could you say, there is something Iceman can do but Manian can't?

Yes. They fly differently. Try flying with Maniac in SM2 and compare that to say Iceman. Very different style here. Sure, both destroy ships, but still...
PeteyG said:
Vagabond, by far. He was the only main wingman who didn't have... issues.

He wasn't a rookie (Catscratch), he wasn't crazy (Maniac), he wasn't a complicated love interest for Blair (Angel), he wasn't a simple love interest for Blair (Flint), he wasn't a traitor (Jazz), he wasn't a traitor (Hobbes), he wasn't a pacifist (Panther), he wasn't gun-happy (Hawk), his hate didn't consume him (Cobra), he wasn't arrogant (Flash), he didn't have piles of emotional baggage (Spirit), he wasn't a cold motherfscker (Iceman), he wasn't an irritant (Maestro), he wasn't all pessimistic (Doomsday), he wasn't raised by the Kilrathi (Downtown), he didn't pick fights (Stingray), he wasn't an inexperienced reservist (Shadow), he didn't tritely talk about opening a bar after the war (Vaquero), he used proper grammar (Excel from WC4, I think it was), he wasn't old (Paladin), he wasn't a faceless name (that one wingman guy in Armada), he wasn't a sick b*stard (Seether, remember flying with him? brrr), he didn't drink too much (Hunter)....

That, by far, is the best role call ever written to describe the cast of the Wing Commander universe. You rock. I like Vagabond too, I was very disappointed when my own online quiz gave me Hawk instead of him when I took it.

Personally, my favorite was Doomsday. There's something about his pessimism that's so, uh, enthusiastic and maybe even infectious in some strange gleeful way. I find myself adopting his attitude and muttering a deadpan sense of resignation in every "CHAOTIC DOOM-SPELLING ENCOUNTER" in FreeSpace 2. I was hoping they'd bring him to life in the movie-games, but oh well.

Hobbes is my second choice because he earned my respect in the first game, but loses points for being completely uninteresting in the third one. His betrayal still hurt though.
WC 1&2: They all sucked because they got in the way and were worthless.

WC 3: Vagabond.

WC 4: Vagabond, Primate, Catscratch.

Prophecy: They all sucked, got in the way, don't do anything. Hey, they "went back to the roots" on that, too. Along with thinking that an ace pilot can't land his own plane.
I've always been a fan of Hobbes, he was the...cat...that I'd give my saftey to. (Although that might be dangerous now!)
In WC2 I pretty much liked any wingman that obeyed orders, i.e. Stingray, Jazz, Hobbes.

If you tell Spirit, Angel, or Maniac to form on your wing or return to base, they usually refused. This is particulary annoying when there's only one enemy ship left and they're behind you trying to kill em but are hitting you in the process--Spirit especially! She's shot down my Epee countless times...
For all of Wing Commander's focus on wingmen as essential to the experience, wingmen were more important as talking heads than anything else. AI was never the series' strong point. Lord knows how many times I fried Seether by pulling onto his tail and firing off a full complement of missiles.
NapoleanAce said:
In WC2 I pretty much liked any wingman that obeyed orders, i.e. Stingray, Jazz, Hobbes.

If you tell Spirit, Angel, or Maniac to form on your wing or return to base, they usually refused.
I think you have your wingmen mixed up. Hobbes nearly always obeys your orders or at least politely declines. I don't think Stingray and Jazz would ever obey a return to base call.

Maniac is a nut, he seldom obeys you unless it's a call to break and attack. By contrast, Spirit and Angel would listen to you, IIRC.