Favorite Wingman?

Iceman aint kidding when he says to never play chicken with a jalthi, but I personally think they are overratted. I am MUCH more scared of Grathas. At least grathas can actually manuever. Most of the time a jalthi doesn't even NOTICE me when I tail it until its almost gone.

Back to wingmen. I think the only reason I replay prophecy was because of the ibnflight banter. I LOVED listening to the pilots talk crap in the cockpit. Best cockpit conversations ever. Isn't ironic how maniac gets blown to space dust charging those jalthis, when in later games, he is famous for chrging squadrons and living through it?


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OK, details:
WC1: Iceman, Bossman and Spirit are ok.
WC2: Hobbes is really good. Doomsday too.
WC3: Flint was good against Capships, Vagabond was lethal AND obedient, and Vaquero was truly loyal. Hobbes again was a killing machine.
WC4: Vero, Primate...
WCP: Zero was really cool, also Maestro.


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urm shouldn't some1 be counting these votes...i mean if we want some clarity here we may as well start counting up which wingman gets how many votes right???

wot?.....oh!oh...erm...my vote goes like this:

1.) Vagabond - a DON and a half!
2.) Maniac - be serious...we all love him
3.) Hobbes
4.) Hunter - without him the Vega Campaign would never of been a success...no! im serious! he saved my life in the Venice assualt! bit overzealous there:p
5.) Paladin

Why on earth would anyone mention vaquero...yuck im glad they scripted for him to die in wc3...he only just shoots everywhere P.S. never assign him to any escort missions. Flint woz okay...as well as Jennifer Macdonald...;) and Primate...wasn't he a non-speaking character in wc4...u can't be serious!?


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considering that this thread died 4 months ago, I don't think anybody cares for counting votes.


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It doesn't really matter how old the thread is, but it's just a discussion thread. Knowing the totals for a couple dozen people's favorite wingmen doesn't really add anything for the work involved. Crius.net has an automatic poll generator that people can build into their threads if that's their intent, but it doesn't get used very much.


Greetings everyone! This is my second post and I'd like to briefly introduce myself. I first played a WC game in 1995, so I was 'initiated' quite late :D The game was WC2, which came with my new computer back then as a part of a compilation (The other games were Ultima VIII, Strike Commander & Syndicate). Even though it was an old game, I immediately fell in love with it and played it straight through and bought WC3 asap. I've played Prophecy the most of all WC games I suppose, but I'd really like to get another shot at WC4, which I sadly don't own.

Sorry if someone feels that this thread shouldn't have been brought up again, but I've always wanted to know how people feel about wingmen in WC games and of course give my own personal opinions about them :D First I must say though, that in every WC game the wingmen have been a great addition, especially as personalities. This is what they really screwed up with Starlancer.

Never played WC1 :(

WC2, SO 1&2
Stingray, Hobbes and Maniac. Stingray and Hobbes were probably my favorites, especially Stingray's "Heey! Target practice!" remark :cool:

Maniac & Hobbes. Maniac is, well, Maniac, and Hobbes was just cool, really hated his defection. Others I flew with included Vaquero, Flash & Vagabond. I hated Flint and especially Cobra.

Maniac was number 1, Maniac was really at his best in WC4 in my opinion. Primate, Yaeger, Blade & Moose were damn cool too, I always loved Primate's "Maybe I'll just negotiate with em today...on second thought" as well as Blade's "Next victim!" and Yaeger's "Enemy down! Who's next?". Moose on the other hand was calm and collected, too bad he was killed.

Maestro & Maniac are of course nice, but the coolest dudes are those that stay out of the cutscenes. Nomad, Caveman, Rogue, Twilight, Wyvern...well, Nomad and Caveman were probably my favorites. Nomad's cocky attitude ("They can't stop me!", "Letting em have it" was nice, as well as Caveman's voice and taunts e.g. "You don't scare me" & "I hate roaches!". In fact, now that I think about it, the radio traffic was probably executed best in WCP. I remember the first time I tried it at a local computer store; I was simply amazed by the constant banter during the mission(s).

Well, that's my two cents. The reason why this post ended up being so long is probably that the wingmen have always been the best part of the WC series :D


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Hey, welcome to the forums. WC4 and Prophecy really did do quite well with the alternate wingmen. It's good to see people used those guys instead of just the FMV cast.


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I'm fine. And ready to do them damage.

I liked Blade from WC4. He had a cool attitude and I liked his responses when you told him to attack or even his fairly laid back response when he said he needed to return to base.

I've noticed some people have said they don't like Maniac much cause he doesn't follow orders, but I always chose him for the really hard missions. Cause even if he did bail on you without you saying it was okay, he usually would kill more than your average wingman was capable of before he had to leave.

Bandit LOAF said:
Wing Commander fans in 1996-7 were unbelievably creepy about the slutty WC4 wing-girls.

That's funny you said that cause I actually was thinking about how I had a thing for Excel.

The only wingman I really liked in Prophecy was Spider. Cause the rest of them annoyed me with their "Dead bug!" and "Don't mess with me, little insect" and "Say goodnight, roach!" comments.


For me its a tie between Hawk and Maniac.

Tod Marshell can get annoying "Chalk up another for the..." oh shut the hell up and fly the ship idiot.

and oh by the way did you have to beat Vagabond at cards that one time? Totally messed up his concentration.


My favourites across the series have to be spirit and hobbes. Hate flying with maniac though. For the third time yesterday while playing WC1 he slid in behind me while I was toying with the last Kilrathi, got bored waiting and put a missile up my exaust before 'burning through the wreckage to get the kill... As the cag said in the first maniac wingman mission when joking about shooting down maniac (now that I think about it, I'm not so sure he was joking...) "use the ship's main guns, save your missiles for important targets."


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I think as far as character, Vagabond is one of my favorites due to backstory and personality. He stands out in WC3, and is a good friend and reliable pilot in 4. I used to be a Maniac fanatic when I bought 4, and he is really useful when you need enemies to be taken out rapidly... my fave of the moment has got to be Excell : )


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Just started WC3 again today. Fav wingman from that games is Vaquero. I love Maniac too, but i rarely pick him because he can shoot you up. But i love his comments: "Wooo!!! Poor kitty litter. Haha i'm hot today!" :p

From which game was "It's time for some Maniac magic" (or something like that)? WCIV right?

In WC4 it was Primate. Very good pilot and had some nice inflight comments :)


Paladin in WC1 (I liked his moustache :D )

Spirit & Hobbes in WC2.

Hobbes & Vagabond in WC3. While I had no problems shooting Jazz in WC2, killing Hobbes was hearthbreaking to me in WC3 ... I think he was the best wingman, and one of the most reliable (if I could say so despite of his betrayal ...).

Vagabond & Hawk in WC4.

I didn't liked Prophecy, so I have very few memories of the wingmen then, but since Maniac & Hawk were there, I must have been flying with them ...

And of course, even if I was choosing one of the above for the main missions, I always spent some missions, especially those of capship point-defense, with Maniac: very good, unreliable, and hilarous ...